7 of My Favorite Cocktails ...


7 of My Favorite Cocktails ...
7 of My Favorite Cocktails ...

Don’t know about you, ladies, but I love, love, love cocktails! That’s pretty much the only form of alcohol I drink and I, of course, have some of my favorite cocktails too. Now, experimenting with different ones is always fun, that’s for sure, so hope I’m not the only fan of these colorful drinks! After all, the point of this post is to share our favorite ones so I’m going to start by listing 7 of my favorite cocktails, hoping you’ll have some of your own faves to share with me, too.

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Mai Tai

Mai Tai Photo Credit: donq.com

Yup, it’s the first one on the list of my favorite cocktails and that is no accident! Mai Tai is my absolute favorite which, of course, has its bad sides too, like being able to tell a good one you’re used to from the bad one you’re stuck with. But, let’s just say you get a good Mai Tai – well, then drink it slow and enjoy the sweet, kind of exotic taste mixed with just a hint of alcohol. Don’t take it for granted either because it might give you a buzz you didn’t see coming.


Long Island Iced Tea

Photo Credit: cambridgetab.co.uk

A very popular and I dare say potent cocktail you don’t want to try in case you’re hungry, having your first rendezvous with alcohol or, God forbid, driving. Imagine all kinds of alcohol you can think of all mixed together with a lot of crushed ice and a splash of coca cola… Well, that’s pretty much what this cocktail is all about! It’s actually pretty good, if you like that strong taste of vodka, gin, rum, tequila and whatnot, of course. I do, although I have my limits too, so I don’t get to enjoy it too often.



Photo Credit: freshfoodrecipes.net
Limey, minty and sugary, this refreshing treat always reminds me of summer, mostly because I don’t drink it other times of the year. Just give me that light summer breeze, maybe even a good, crowded beach bar and a couple of good fun-loving friends, and I’m ready for a Mojito or two. So, if you’re looking for a nice, refreshing drink to try out and you’re not a big fan of mixing various types of alcohol, I definitely suggest this popular cocktail. A little bit of rum mixed with some soda, sugar, lime juice and mint always sounds good to me so hope you’ll find it as tasty as I do!


Triple Orgasm

Photo Credit: agfg.com.au
This interesting drink has like a million of variations but the one that made to this list of my favorite cocktails is made with three types of hard liquor and a very generous amount of Baileys Irish cream liqueur. Now, since these three other ingredients are quite strong (one of them being Four Roses Bourbon) you simply must drink it slow, which is actually very hard, thanks to the taste of Irish Cream and its ability to mask the taste of alcohol and turn this potent cocktail into a delicious sweet.


Red Death

Red Death Photo Credit: examiner.com

Bright red and totally sweet, this cocktail is something you should not take for granted. My girls and I went out one summer evening and asked our favorite waiter to bring us something that doesn’t have that awful alcoholic stench but isn’t a soft girly drink either and this is what we got. The first reaction was like, “C’mon, man, we said no girly drinks!” but it turned out to be quite a giggle-starter. Who knew amaretto, grenadine, orange juice, vodka, triple sec, peach schnapps, gin and southern comfort could taste so good together! You won’t ask for the second round, that’s for sure!



Zombie Photo Credit: cocktails.webconrad.com
Now, I’m not sure if the Zombie I like is made using the real recipe but its freaky, slightly bitter taste and dark, three-layer appearance definitely makes it one of my favorite cocktails. The combination of Jägermeister, rum and fruit juices really gives this interesting drink an unusual taste- taste that probably won’t please every palate but is worth trying out. So, if you’re one of those brave cocktail-lovers and this cocktail sounds like something you’d want to taste- let me know and I’ll try to find that recipe I love so much!



Photo Credit: blog.americanfeast.com

Oh, I must remember this one next time me and my girls get together for a round of cocktails and girl-talk! But, seriously! It’s been like forever since the last time I tasted this fun, colorful, flaming shooter but, if my memory serves me right (and I’m pretty sure it does), it was a nice one indeed. Kahlua coffee liqueur and my personal favorite Baileys Irish Cream make it sweet, cognac on top makes it inflammable so watch your hair, drink fast and enjoy!

Yup, these were the top 7 of my favorite cocktails and now it’s time to name and suggest the ones you like. So, since I have a sweet tooth and don’t mind mixing drinks – which cocktails could you recommend me?

Top image source: data.whicdn.com

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