7 Great Martini Recipes ...

Is there anything more refreshing and delicious during the summer than a chilled martini? And there are so many different kinds, from fruity to chocolaty to salty, there’s bound to be a martini to satisfy every craving. Not sure which martini might be right for you? Here are 7 great martini recipes… remember, no matter how good the recipe is, if you’re using cheap, nasty vodka, the martini won’t be very good…

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Ingredients: ¾ ounce of Vanilla flavored vodka, ¾ ounce Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

This is one of my favorite martinis, all year round! Add the vodka and chocolate liqueur to a shaker full of ice, shake well, and strain into a martini glass. Add a couple of chocolate shavings as a garnish, or a sprig of mint. So rich!

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