7 Interesting Uses for Coffee ...


7 Interesting Uses for Coffee ...
7 Interesting Uses for Coffee ...

Raise your hand if you can’t go through the day without at least one cup of this magical drink! I tell you, the person who discovered these beans is a pure genius! However, that’s not the only good way to use coffee. Yup, the coffee bean has many other applications. Here are some cheap, effective and fun ways to use fresh coffee grounds or re-use coffee leftovers:

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Anti-cellulite Treatment

Anti-cellulite Treatment Photo Credit: TheBusyBrain

I usually save the best for last but this time I’ve decided to bring out the heavy artillery! So, here’s a great way to get rid of that ugly orange peel skin without having to spend a fortune. Actually, you don’t have to spend anything, not even coffee because this recipe requires used coffee grounds. And here’s how to do this: apply warm used coffee grounds on the cellulite-covered areas, wrap them up with shrinking foil, leave the “mask” on for 15-30 minutes and then rinse off. Repeat this 2-3 times a week and the ugly orange peel texture will vanish as if it was never there.


Wasp Repellent

Wasp Repellent Photo Credit: anvancy

Wasps enjoy the smell of trash, things rotting or any other smell that indicates that there might be some food around but, strangely, these pesky things really hate the smell of burning coffee grounds. Now that’s definitely something to remember for next summer when you decide to serve lunch in the garden or in the balcony. Just take a small plate, pour unused coffee grounds, light up the little pile and leave it close by. This strong, musky smell is actually quite pleasant for us humans and you can be rest assured that there will be no pesky insects to spoil the family meal.



Fertilizer Photo Credit: Scott Kinmartin

Adding some fresh or used coffee grounds into the soil will help your plants grow better and faster. Furthermore, if you grow potatoes or carrots, you probably know that mixing coffee and soil helps protect the plants from various pests. Now that’s one thing you and your plants have in common – you both love coffee and hate stupid pests!



Deodorizer Photo Credit: Il conte di Luna

Coffee is a well-known odor neutralizer so feel free to use it anytime you need a solution for those weird smells coming from your drain or the fridge. I always pour my unused coffee down the drain and I’ve never had any bad odors coming from it. Now, I’ve never used it in the fridge before but people swear that putting a dish of coffee grounds in it during long power cut-offs absorbs all those nasty smells.



Skincare Photo Credit: JcOlivera.com

Ground coffee is slightly abrasive so you can mix it with some olive oil or honey and make an exfoliating treatment that’s going to make your skin feel silky soft. And not just that – if drinking coffee can do wonders for our energy level imagine what it could do to our skin if applied like a facial mask? After all, all those re-energizing treatments we spend big money on contain caffeine so why not experiment a little bit and have an all-natural, homemade solution for only a fraction of the price?



Dye Photo Credit: nalundgaard

I have mentioned coffee as an alternative and non-toxic way to dye hair but I really want to elaborate on that and point out more ways to use this drink for dyeing purposes. You can dye Easter eggs or even refresh the color of your washed-out, brown clothes just by soaking them in a dish of boiling coffee and leaving them to stew in it for some minutes.


Repels Cats and Ants

Repels Cats and Ants Photo Credit: End of Level Boss

They do look like they have nothing in common but both cats and ants have no problems entering your garden and making a mess in it. Luckily, they both hate coffee so sprinkling it all over the garden would be an ideal chance to literally kill two birds with one stone.

Have you ever tried using coffee for anything else except drinking and, if the answer is no, are you willing to give it a try? Which one of these ideas you like the most? And, ladies, if you know of any other cool ways to use coffee? Do tell– I’m always looking forward to a new piece of information.

Top Photo Credit: Deepatheawesome

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