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7 Surprising Uses of Chocolate ...

By Melanie

Hey, did you know you can use chocolate to try to cover up that bald spot on your head? White chocolate helps blondes with their root touchups and for brunettes, it adds fast highlights. It will even give you the tan you have been wanting! Silly, I’m just kidding! However, there Are some pretty surprising uses for chocolate that are legit. Let me give you 7 surprising uses of chocolate …

7 Fighting Tooth Decay

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When I first read this, I couldn’t believe it. However, I looked deeper into it and found that it’s true. They say that an extract of coco is more effective than fluoride is at keeping the teeth healthy. Wow. That bites for me, because I don’t like chocolate!

6 Improves Coronary Circulation

Improves Coronary CirculationPhoto Credit: ffffound

I have also heard that chocolate can help keep that ticker running healthy. Choose dark chocolate and you will be improving your coronary circulation. That’s pretty interesting if I must say.


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5 Keeps Your Skin Happy

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We all know just how good coco butter really is, don’t we? It does wonders for your skin. Yes, chocolate is known for keeping the skin happy and smooth. When you leave it on your skin for 15 minutes and allow it to harden, it helps your skin complexion.

4 Gets the Brain Thinking

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I heard that chocolate makes you smarter. The dark chocolate is rich in flavanols. These flavanols help to improve the circulation of the blood around our body, this includes the brain. Chocolate helps fight away mental fatigue, which makes us more alert and helps us think better.

3 Lifts Our Mood

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Have you ever noticed how chocolate makes some people happy. It makes them euphoric. It seems to be the perfect substitute used for lifting the mood for certain people. However, now everyone is going to agree with this one. Like me, for example, because I don’t like chocolate.

2 Stomach Aches

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During 18th Century England, when one had a stomach ache, they would drink a chocolate drink, which would help cure it.

1 Apologize

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You know I love to bring a bit of humor into my blogs. How many guys out there use chocolates to apologize to their girlfriend for something that has done wrong? And guys, don’t you agree that this is a good use for chocolate? My point exactly. There you have 7 surprising uses of chocolate. Of course, some of you may be surprised over certain things in this blog, while others may already know a lot of the stuff I have mentioned in this blog already. So, what did you NOT know about chocolate that I just told you about in my blog?

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