8 Fun Things to do with Chocolate ...


8 Fun Things to do with Chocolate ...
8 Fun Things to do with Chocolate ...

In this age of carrot sticks and lettuce, chocolate has gotten something of a bad rep. Ladies, while it’s so important to eat right a little indulgence every now and then makes all that salad bearable. Chocolate, I believe, can fix almost any problem, and guess what girls? It’s not only terrific in tasty snacks! Here’s a list of creative ways to treat yourself …

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Get a Massage

Chocolate massage is the ultimate in luxury body beauty treatments and apparently it promotes a whole host of health-giving processes. In fact, experts suggest that chocolate therapies actively participate both in weight-loss and anti-aging programmes! Ladies, who knew?


Make a Martini

Girls, this is literally the most indulgent cocktail ever. Made from a combination of condensed milk, vodka and chocolatey goodness this wicked little bevvy is not for the faint hearted. Drink slowly (if you can) to avoid getting though too many – trust me ladies, drink indiscriminately and you will have a hangover!


Have a Facial

This decadent skin treatment is becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. Beauty experts tell us that cocoa facials leave skin moisturised and smooth, and exfoliate into the bargain. Dark chocolate works best, I’m told, as it’s a fantastic source of antioxidants and packed with natural cocoa oils to reverse dryness and inflammation. Also, Philosophy carries a line of chocolate-inspired body care products that smell divine... try those, too, after you facial for an all-over chocolate experience!


Perk up Your Mood

Ladies, we all know chocolate makes us happy and now scientists can tell us why. Apparently, cocoa is rich in anadamine, a hormone that promotes sensations of cheerfulness and well-being! See girls, it is good for us!


Drink It

Ladies, is there anything better that steaming mug of hot chocolate when the weather is icy? Add baby marshmallows and whipped cream for the ultimate in hot beverages, and finish off with a dusting of cocoa powder.


Make Your Man Happy

Chocolate body paint girls. Need I say more? I didn't think so...


Give It as a Gift

Who wouldn’t be happy with a box of beautiful handcrafted Belgian chocolates? And girls, you can even do the making yourself. Truffles are super easy to put together, all you need to begin with is solid recipe (try Jamie Oliver’s) and ton of fab quality chocolate to work with.


EAT IT!!!!

‘Nuff said ladies. Dig in! Concentrate on the dark chocolates with at least 70% cocoa in them for the maximum health benefits, but feel free to indulge!

With so many wonderful things to do with chocolate, I dare any researcher, dietitian, or doctor to say anything negative about it again. But what about you? Got any more chocolatey suggestions, girls? Drop me a line; I’d just love to hear them …

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Haha. My bday party in 7th grade was chocolate themed

Why would I want chocolate on my face, rather than in my mouth...lol

Eating is the loveliest way to enjoy chocolate.

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