8 Yummy Treats Your Dog Will Love ...


8 Yummy Treats Your Dog Will Love ...
8 Yummy Treats Your Dog Will Love ...

I don’t know about your dog, but mine lives to eat. She thinks dog treats are the next best thing to people food and comes running to the sound of the crinkling package they usually arrive in. I often come upon free samples of treats on the Internet, which tends to lead me towards new brands all the time. Here are 8 yummy treats your dog will love and possibly do anything for!

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Merrick’s Texas Toothpicks

Merrick’s Texas Toothpicks Price: $14.90 at amazon.com
Measuring 6 to 8 inches long, these are a rather large dog treat. They are made with beef and have a sort of puffy texture. This texture is due to the combination of chewy and crunchy, which seems to be enjoyed by dogs. These are large enough that I probably wouldn’t want to give my dog more than one a day. I’m sure if she got a hold of the bag, that she would devour the entire thing and be sick to her stomach. The odd shape is what caught my eye. It reminded me of the Fun Straws my sisters and I used to drink our chocolate milk out of when we were little.


Better than Ears Premium Dog Treats

Better than Ears Premium Dog Treats Price: $12.99 at amazon.com
I received a free sample of these smoky bacon flavored dog treats in the mail and my dog seemed to like them. She chewed it up as quickly as possible, and then followed this action with a tail wag and a belch. I’m assuming that this is a good sign. They also come in peanut butter flavor, which is another flavor dogs tend to love a lot. These were triangle shaped, just like pig’s ears, but they didn’t have that funky smell and brittle texture that pig ears have.


Every Flavor Treats

Every Flavor Treats Price: $5.99 at amazon.com
Talk about an assortment! This 5 ounce bag is filled with different colored moist treats and each color is a different flavor too; vanilla cookie, beef, liver, and chicken. The flavors are fun for the dog and the colors make them easy to separate for humans. Each color may not match the flavor of the treat, but your dog won’t care. He isn’t able to tell that some are purple and some are green, which are two colors of these treats that definitely don’t coincide with the flavor.


Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats Price: $9.99 at amazon.com
Each of these treats is only 2 calories, in case you are worried about your dog gaining weight. They are available in not only chicken flavor, but there are also peanut butter or salmon flavors too. Dogs with allergies to corn, soy, or wheat won’t have any reaction to these since they don’t contain any of these ingredients. They also don’t contain weird colors either. All sizes of dogs can eat these treats, due to their small size.


Greenies Dental Treats for Dogs

Greenies Dental Treats for Dogs Price: $23.78 at amazon.com
My aunt swears by the cat version of these treats. She says her cats can’t get enough. I figured if a troop of finicky cats give a big ‘paws up’ to Greenies, then a dog couldn’t possibly turn these treats down. I like that they are available in a giant box, so I don’t have to run to the store and purchase a bunch of smaller packages. They are also one of the few dog treats that are 96% digestible. The green color of each treat comes from the addition of chlorophyll, instead of tons of green food coloring. Greenies are also great for freshening dog breath and keeping the buildup of plaque down to a minimum.


Fruitables All-Natural Pumpkin and Apple Dog Treats

Fruitables All-Natural Pumpkin and Apple Dog Treats Price: $5.67 at amazon.com
I never thought of adding apple or pumpkin to a dog treat, but apparently these vitamin-packed treats taste great. Since I’m not a big fan of taste-testing my dog’s treats, I can’t really say whether the statement about tasting great is true or not. They are healthy though and have a high level of beta-carotene, due to the addition of pumpkin. These smell like apple and have tons of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber.


Charlee Bear Dog Treats with Cheese and Egg

Charlee Bear Dog Treats with Cheese and Egg Price: $5.99 at amazon.com
The addition of egg to these treats provides your dog with all the necessary protein, and the cheese flavor entices the dog to gobble them up. Professional trainers actually recommend these treats, since they are the perfect size to use for rewards during training exercises and are only 3 calories apiece. There are also liver flavored treats by this same company and even liver and cranberry. I do have a hard time giving my dog things that are flavored with products that I don’t enjoy, so that’s why I chose the egg and cheese variety over the other two types.


Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Treats

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Treats Price: $14.77 at amazon.com
My dog is always staring at my husband when he is about to snap into a Slim Jim, so I figured she would like these treats. They are called hot dogs, but they look exactly like small chunks of pepperoni stick. Each treat has the same chewy consistency and smoky flavor that my husband’s snack does. Come to think of it, the ingredients in each are very similar to one another. Hmm… I wonder…

If you happen to know of an additional brand that you’d like to add to my list of yummy treats your dog will love, then feel free to share them. How did you come upon the brand your dog craves? Do you tend to gravitate towards the more natural brands or just go for something you think your dog will enjoy?

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