8 Yummy Treats Your Dog Will Love ...

I don’t know about your dog, but mine lives to eat. She thinks dog treats are the next best thing to people food and comes running to the sound of the crinkling package they usually arrive in. I often come upon free samples of treats on the Internet, which tends to lead me towards new brands all the time. Here are 8 yummy treats your dog will love and possibly do anything for!

8. Merrick’s Texas Toothpicks

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Price: $14.90 at amazon.com
Measuring 6 to 8 inches long, these are a rather large dog treat. They are made with beef and have a sort of puffy texture. This texture is due to the combination of chewy and crunchy, which seems to be enjoyed by dogs. These are large enough that I probably wouldn’t want to give my dog more than one a day. I’m sure if she got a hold of the bag, that she would devour the entire thing and be sick to her stomach. The odd shape is what caught my eye. It reminded me of the Fun Straws my sisters and I used to drink our chocolate milk out of when we were little.

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