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8 Low-Fat Sweet Treats ...

By Jennifer

I have a famous sweet tooth — everyone in my family knows I am almost always craving something sweet. But I’m also always avoiding eating anything fattening, so what’s a girl to do? No worries! I have a list to share, with eight low-fat sweet treats… yum!

1 Fresh Fruit or Berries

Fresh Fruit or BerriesPhoto Credit: Leo Druker

Is there anything sweeter than a banana, strawberries, or a ripe plum or juicy pear? That’s probably why so many candies are flavored like fruits. If you’re craving something sweet, grab a piece of fruit or a handful of berries and get some fiber and good, healthful carbs!

2 Dried Fruit

Dried FruitPhoto Credit: ~ Paige ~

Dried fruits are just as varied and delicious as fresh fruits, and can be somewhat more portable. I’m not just talking about raisins, either — try dried figs, apricots, apples, and even sweet, crispy banana chips! They’re very sweet, and are low in fat, too!

3 Cereal or Granola Bar

Cereal or Granola BarPhoto Credit: beegirl211

There are so many brands and varieties of granola and cereal bars… there’s Nature’s Valley, Kellogg’s, Kashi, Quaker, and more. If you’re having a sweet craving, grab a granola bar or cereal bar. They’re lower in fat than most other sweet snacks, and most contain fiber, too!

4 Low-fat Yogurt

Low-fat YogurtPhoto Credit: kyamamoto11

Yoplait makes the best light and low-fat yogurts imaginable, in so many flavors. Keep a few containers in the fridge for those times when you’re having a sweet craving… and keep a few in the freezer, too, for a frozen low-fat sweet treat!

5 Frozen Juice

Frozen JuicePhoto Credit: musicpb

I love ice cream, but it’s fattening, and low-fat ice cream just isn’t the same. So I keep two ice cube trays in my freezer filled with orange juice, lemonade, or grape juice, which tastes so sweet and refreshing, but is fat-free (or close to it). Yum!

6 Handful of M&Ms

Handful of M&MsPhoto Credit: aZ-Saudi

Sometimes, chocolate is the exact and only sweet treat you crave. If you’ve tried carob instead, and it just won’t do, then grab a handful of plain M&M’s. One handful (about 8 or 10 pieces) isn’t fattening, or high in sugar or caffeine, so it’s the perfect guilt-free indulgence!

7 Jelly Beans

Jelly BeansPhoto Credit: *hb19 (R.I.P.)

I love jelly beans, especially the Jelly Belly gourmet kind. They have a flavor for everything, but m favorite is pear. The best part? They’re fat free! So if you’re craving something sweet, a handful (8 or 10 beans) won’t wreck your diet with fat, or too much sugar.

8 Celery with Peanut Butter

Celery with Peanut ButterPhoto Credit: strph

This is sort of the ultimate sweet snack without the guilt of eating something fattening. Just spread a little organic peanut butter on a celery stalk, and crunch away that sweet craving. Yes, peanut butter can be fattening, but you’ll only be using about a teaspoon per stalk, so it’s perfectly fine.

If you’re craving something sweet, there’s no reason to wreck your diet and eat something fattening! Keep some of these handy in your pantry or fridge, and you’ll be prepared for any sweet tooth. Do you have any other low-fat sweet treats you can share? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: José Miguel Serrano

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