9 Delicious Holiday Desserts ...

As y'all no doubt know by now, I love to cook. Specifically, I love to bake. The Better Half and I are sharing Thanksgiving duties with my folks as well as hosting the in-laws to-be for Christmas this year, so I've been going crazy looking up holiday desserts. I've gotten the “I must make this!” list down to nine choices based on their potential deliciousness factor. Now all I have to do is wade through all the actual recipes … but first I thought I'd share my tastiest finds with you and see what you think!

1. Red Velvet Cheesecake

Photo Credit: elaynam

Um, could you die? Can you even imagine? The recipe for this dessert looks super involved, but I don't even care. Anything that combines Red Velvet cake and cheesecake is all right by me. With cheesecakes, timing is always key, from mixing to baking, but I think this one is well worth all that work.