7 of My Favorite Holiday Candies ...


7 of My Favorite Holiday Candies ...
7 of My Favorite Holiday Candies ...

Name any holiday and I can list off my favorite candies for that specific date. Easter? Jelly beans. Halloween? Snickers minis. But, oh, Christmas! There are so many candies and sweets I love during the holidays! Where do I even begin? Here are 7 of my favorite holiday candies… just don’t ask me to choose only one!

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Candy Canes

Candy Canes Photo Credit: Katherine Gruender "Kat"

This is the ultimate classic Christmas-time candy, and it’s easy to see why — they’re festive, pretty, and bright, and now they’re even available in a range of flavors, from traditional peppermint to sour lemon! Use them to decorate your tree or as a tasty treat… or both!


Hershey Kisses

Hershey Kisses Photo Credit: kimberlyfaye

So far, I haven’t tried a type of Hershey’s Kiss I haven’t loved. These are one of m favorite candies all year long, but I specially love the green and red foil-wrapped ones for the holidays. They make great stocking stuffers, cookie toppings, or candy-dish fillers.


Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Photo Credit: Collagen Rock

This is a Christmas classic, my favorite to find in the very bottom of m heavy stocking. Whack it, unwrap it, and enjoy the lush chocolate with a hint of orange. I limit myself to one section each day, and it lasts until the New Year… so yummy!


Lindt Lindor

Lindt Lindor Photo Credit: cjaneeeeee

These individually-wrapped chocolate truffles come in every flavor you can think of, but my favorite is the milk chocolate. It’s a rich, smooth chocolate shell around a creamy chocolate center. So delicious, and not just for Christmas…


Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Photo Credit: CozyMemories

These jelly beans are flavored and even textured to taste like almost anything, from pears to grass to buttered popcorn and even a daiquiri. I love putting out a dish of the green and red beans for the holidays… they’re delicious and look pretty. For the red, you can choose cinnamon, cherry, red apple, pomegranate, or strawberry; for the green you can choose green apple, watermelon, or even jalapeno. So many choices!



Raffaello Photo Credit: Ally Jade

Coconut. Wafer. Hazelnut. Combined, these three tasty ingredients make my ideal sweet. These come in a package of three heavenly truffles, so they’re a perfect stocking stuffer. I’ve been very good this year, so I’m hoping Santa will bring me some… more than some, lots!



M&Ms Photo Credit: ranzino

These are also good year-round, but they’re so cute for the holidays! Use them in cookies instead of chocolate chips, or as buttons for your gingerbread people, or just put the red, white, and green ones in a candy dish for munching or for guests.

Those are my favorite Christmas-time candies, but there are so many other sweets I love, and that doesn’t even include the cookies, pies, and cakes! I’d better get on the elliptical machine now, and stay on until January 2. Which of these Christmas candies do you like best, or is there another one you like more?

Top Photo Credit: Little Miss Sunshine.

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