7 Perfect Christmas Memories ...


7 Perfect Christmas Memories ...
7 Perfect Christmas Memories ...

Christmas evokes so many memories; it is difficult to choose the most perfect Christmas memories. While there are several that stick out in my mind, I still could never pick just one favorite. I want to share all my perfect Christmas memories with you, but I can’t. There would not be enough time or space. So, I tried to narrow my list and here is what I came up with.

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Special Books

Every year, I buy a new Christmas book for each of my children. We try and read them all every year, but now, we have accumulated so many, we never have time to read them all. But we have our favorites. Just the other day, one of my older children asked me if I would read her favorite book from her childhood. It is one of my most perfect Christmas memories, one I will never forget! W hat's your favorite Christmas book?


Christmas Movies

My family has Christmas movies we dare not miss! We have so many that we actually start watching movies in November. They bring back memories, even though we practically have the movies memorized. Do you have a favorite Christmas movie that you watch all of the time?


Special Christmas Music

While Christmas songs rarely change, my family has certain CDs we listen to every year. A few of hymns, a few are the typical Christmas music, and a few are just down right quirky. But it is a tradition and we make memories every year, dancing around the Christmas tree and the Christmas party hop. Everyone dancing merrily in the new, old- fashioned way.


Tree Ornaments

Each year, I buy my kids a Christmas ornament. But not just any ornament. I buy one that commemorates something special they accomplished that year. Losing their first tooth, riding a bike with no training wheels, and graduation are a few of my choices. These bring back wonderful memories every year.


Traditional Gifts

Bathroom bags are an expected gift every year for my children. I always buy special items that I normally would not buy during the year because of the price. My children look forward to this and never let me forget I need to buy the items, if I haven’t already. This is a memory in the making and something they will probably pass down to their children

Famous Quotes

If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence.


Christmas PJs

Last year, I thought my oldest boys would be too old for this memory making tradition. I was wrong! They missed their new PJs! Even my daughters said something to me. This year, they all are receiving new pajamas for Christmas.


Special Advent Card

This is my most favorite memory. When my oldest child was born, I bought an advent card. Every day, from December 1 to December 24 we read one window on the card. My calendar is worn and tattered and needs tape in order for it to stay together, but we always read from it. What a memory!

Memories are the fabric of life. Some memories are sad. Some memories are happy. The good memories make the bad ones easier to swallow. What are some things you do to create memories? Or maybe you have a special Christmas you would like to share with us?

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