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8 Most Popular Holiday Gift Items ...

By Lyndsie

The holiday season is upon us, and for the first time in years, I am actually trying to get gifts bought for everyone before Christmas Eve. No matter what you celebrate, there are lots of holidays coming up – and lots of popular gifts going fast, for women, men, and children. Because I myself always have a hard time coming up with the right gifts, I went on a search and discovered the 8 most popular holiday gift items. Some of them are general, some of them are specific, but I hope all of them help give you some great ideas!

Table of contents:

  1. personal jewelry
  2. comfortable lingerie
  3. xbox kinect
  4. lush stuff
  5. video games
  6. wine or champagne
  7. show tickets
  8. something homemade

1 Personal Jewelry

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A lot of women love getting jewelry for the holidays. Not all of them, but many of them. The key to doing it right, however, is making sure it's something she likes. For instance, if the woman you're buying for loves white gold but hates yellow gold and prefers amethysts over diamonds, don't get her a diamond ring set in yellow gold. Trust me, diamonds aren't every girl's BFF, and it will mean more if you consider her tastes when you buy.

2 Comfortable Lingerie

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I can't speak for every woman, but in the dead of winter, I don't want to receive a little scrap of silk with matching panties that don't cover anything. I'd rather have something really warm and comfortable. Sometimes, girls only wear skimpy lingerie for their partners. We're not necessarily into it ourselves. So, you might want to do a little checking and find out just what kind of lingerie she likes. Her preferences might be more in line with “warm flannel pajamas,” rather than Victoria's secret teddy.

3 Xbox Kinect

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The Xbox Kinect has gotten hugely popular really fast, and the thing is, everyone seems to love it. There are tons of girlfriends on my Facebook who use it all the time, to exercise. Tons of guys are in love with it as well, and of course kids love it. This could really be a great choice for anybody who loves gaming or exercising – just don't buy it for someone else because you want it. That never works well.

4 LUSH Stuff

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I love LUSH. If I got nothing else for the holidays, I wouldn't even care. If you know someone who loves taking long baths, they have tons of stuff for that – not mention shampoos, conditioners, facial masks, lotions... You get the idea, right?

5 Video Games

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Video games make ideal gifts for gamer girl, gamer guys, or gamer kids. There are tons of them coming out for the holidays, many of them fiercely coveted. It all depends on taste though. For example, don't buy anyone Call of Duty: Black Ops if they're more into Mario, and don't get someone Sonic Rivals if they're more into the Medal of Honor franchise.

6 Wine or Champagne

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It's not about quantity, it's about quality. If you're planning a romantic holiday or if you want to give the perfect gift to a wine connoisseur, then this is all you need. Find out their favorite kind, of course; you don't want to give a white wine to someone who loves red. And even if it takes a little research, try to get a special bottle – not necessarily something incredibly expensive, just something a little more sophisticated than Boone's Farm or Arbor Mist or something!

7 Show Tickets

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If you know someone who loves plays, musicals, ballets, symphony concerts, the opera, et cetera, then getting them tickets to a hot new show is a great idea. Plus, seeing a show can make for a great date. There are so many iconic holiday shows, this can really be a great gift for anyone who likes the theatre.

8 Something Homemade

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A sweater, a photo collage, even jewelry if you know how to make it: something thoughtful and made with love can often be the perfect gift. I wouldn't necessarily recommend giving someone a pair of gloves if they are the first things you've ever knitted, but then again, that can be really touching.

These are by no means all of the most popular gifts for this year, but they can definitely give you some good ideas when you're stuck. When it comes to buying something for your partner, spouse, or lover, it can be hard to buy something perfect. Do you have any ideas on what to get for the most special person in your life?

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