10 Cute Gifts under 20 for the Cat Lover ...


10 Cute Gifts under 20 for the Cat Lover ...
10 Cute Gifts under 20 for the Cat Lover ...

I love giving just-because gifts. You know, gifts that do not require special occasions. If you feel the same and you want to give a certain cat lover friend something soon, I hope that these cute gifts under $20 for the cat lover will help you.

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Wine Charms

Wine Charms **Price: **$15.00 at amazon

You know what I would do with these? Remove the charms and use them for making my own jewelry. You can't hate me for doing that; I don't drink wine and I can never stop my hands from re-fashioning anything that can be used for making jewelry.


Cat in the Hat Wall Clock

Cat in the Hat Wall Clock Price: $17.99 at amazon

A list of cute gifts $20 for the cat lover should include anything that has the Cat in the Hat in it. Even if you are not a huge fan of cats but you love Dr. Seuss, this is a wall clock that deserves a spot on your wall. Perhaps place it in your child's room? Or in your small library or reading nook?


Purrrrfect Top

Purrrrfect Top Price: $8.90 at forever21

I am pretty sure I need this in my closet. Not only is the print too adorable to resist, the fact that this is a raglan shirt makes it even more perfect. And don't forget the gray color! And the unbeatable price!


Cat and Mouse Top

Cat and Mouse Top Price: $12.90 at forever21

This racer back top features a cat saying "Meow do you do?" and a mouse that says "Squeak to meet you." How adorable is that? This will be your go-to top for casual days or for meeting cute boys (who also love cats).


The Cutest Sneeze in the World Postcard Set

The Cutest Sneeze in the World Postcard Set **Price: **$9.99 at modcloth

This product got 34 positive reviews on ModCloth. If that is not enough reason to include it on a list of cute gifts under $20 for the cat lover, I don't know what is. According to one of the people who bought this set of postcards, it is advisable to buy two sets. One will be for giving away and the other for keeping to yourself.


Friendly Encounter Cutting Board

Friendly Encounter Cutting Board **Price: **$12.99 at modcloth

Another cute gift under $20 for the cat lover that will surely be a kitchen staple. This is made of good materials although I cannot say the same about the cat-bird encounter featured here. If this were a movie, the bird would most likely be in bird heaven by now.


Chores Chart Dish Towel

Chores Chart Dish Towel **Price: **$12.99 at modcloth

I had to include this because the cat looks a lot like my sister's tabby; just as fat and prone to giving humans that haughty and bored look.


Cat Crazy Bottle Set

Cat Crazy Bottle Set **Price: **$13.99 at modcloth

How adorable are these bottles? You can use them for storing milk for your feline friends or for your own refreshments. They have that vintage feel that will make your kitchen look even more charming.


Meow Kitteh Necklace

Meow Kitteh Necklace **Price: **$16.00 at shana logic

Look at them round eyes! This cute necklace is handmade and comes in antique gold-tone metal. The chain is 17" long and the pendant is 2.5" wide. Wear your kitteh love pride!


Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards **Price: **$8.00 at shana logic

This beautiful set of recipe cards are just what you need if you have a friends who loves cats AND cooking. They measures 4" x 6" and you get 10 cards per set.

Don't tell me, you want some of these for yourself. That's all right, since these are affordable, you can buy two; one for your friend and the other for you to keep.

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i don't love or hate cats but i love all these iteams. great blog

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