8 Gifts Your Man Doesn't Want ...


8 Gifts Your Man Doesn't Want ...
8 Gifts Your Man Doesn't Want ...

Buying a gift for your boyfriend can be super tricky, ladies, as I’m sure you’ve all discovered at one time or another. No matter how well you know your man, no matter how long you’ve been together, chances are you’ll still find yourself agonising over what to get him for his birthday. I’ve done some research to help you out, girls, and put together a list of 8 gifts your man doesn’t want.

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Exercise Equipment

Unless your guy is a professional weightlifter, trust me ladies, he doesn’t want a set of dumbbells. This kind of gift sends a pretty awful message, and even though men insist they don’t read ‘deeply’ into things, chances are, a present like this is going to cause offence.


A Tie

Literally the worst present ever. Again, unless he’s a real tie enthusiast or collector (and, be honest, what are the chances that he is?) a tie is not going to make him happy. This gift is impersonal, work-related and basically unacceptable even as a last resort, so when you get to the tie section, girls, make sure you keep on walking.


Joke Gifts

Getting your boyfriend something cute and funny to open alongside his proper present is absolutely a good idea. But, ladies, make sure that’s not the only thing you get him. No one wants a novelty apron for Christmas. Get him something thoughtful that reflects how much you value your relationship.


Thoughtless Tokens

Possibly the worst gift you can buy your man is one that shows you don’t know him in the slightest. Getting him a book about a sport he doesn’t watch or buying him fishing equipment when he doesn’t fish are total no-no’s. This kind of present falls into a category that might be labelled ‘general manly items’ and is the sort of thing you buy for an Uncle you don’t know that well, not the man you’re sharing your life with.



Every year around holiday time shops become flooded with random manly-looking toiletries – the worst of which is undoubtedly the infamous soap-on-a-rope. These items are invariably poor-quality, pungent and, in short, pretty awful: steer clear.


Stuffed Animals

No ladies. Just no. Perhaps you can get away with giving him a cute little stuffed bear in addition to something amazingly cool that he specifically wants, but never, and I mean NEVER, buy him a plush toy and nothing else. He won’t be impressed, girls, trust me.


Grooming Aids

If your guy wanted a teeth whitening kit, or a nose hair trimmer or a lotion that guarantees it’ll get rid of his back-ne (gross), he would definitely have bought these things himself. Getting him this sort of gift sends absolutely the wrong message. Think about, girls. Would you like it if he gave you a box of slimming pills for Christmas?


Socks and Boxers

Okay. So I know there are guys out there who’d be perfectly happy with this kind of gift but I’d like to veto it as the easy way out. Men can buy their own underwear, girls: I mean, apart from anything else, would you actually trust him to go bra shopping for you? Try to be a little creative, ladies; don’t settle for getting him boring essentials for every birthday and holiday.

So that’s it, girls: my list of 8 gifts your man doesn’t want. Do you have any suggestions to add? Share your ideas; I’d love to compare notes.

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Hey, you forgot a dress! LOL I'm not funny XD

Then what should we get them? O.o I'm clueless

Socks and boxers are awesome.... getting them from my GF not so awesome. Fact

oh ive always thought men loves to be given socks and boxers

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