11 Things to Never Tell Your Man ...

By Kati

11 Things to Never Tell Your Man ...

When you’re in that initial honeymoon stage, it can be easy to think you should tell him everything in preparation for your perfect life together. But here are 11 things you should definitely keep to yourself!

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That You Dislike His Mother ...

Even if he is currently angry at his Mom, it’s never a good idea to get involved, as they will definitely make up. Comfort him, and listen to him, but keep your opinions to yourself. His Mom is important to him, so knowing you don’t like her could undermine your whole relationship.


Never Tell Him His Friends Made a Pass at You ...

He’ll have to confront them, or things will be awkward, and if the friend swears he didn’t it could cause even more problems. Politely decline and keep quiet, unless he becomes a repeat offender.


Been Unfaithful in the past?

Keep it to yourself, or you’ll worry him. If he believes you’ve done it before, male friends and nights out will be even more risky, and he’ll automatically trust you less. Learn your lesson, and keep quiet.


Don't Tell Him That Your Best Friend is Cheating ...

He’ll start to presume that you discuss tactics, or that you’re cheating too. Act like infidelity is equal with murder, and you’ll cause a lot less suspicion.


Don’t Criticise His Body ...

He might not look as young as he used too, but neither do you, and if he is still making an effort then you’re doing well.

Famous Quotes

To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


Believe in Him ...

When everyone else is doubting him, you have to be the one person who actually believes that he will achieve his dreams, and outperform everybody else..


And if You Don’t, Pretend You do ...

This will at least give him the confidence and drive to work harder, so that he doesn’t let you down.


Don’t Threaten to Leave ...

He’ll start to feel that you are just waiting for an excuse, so keep this for times that you really are thinking of leaving, or it’ll stop having any effect.


Don’t Let That Earning More than Him Bother You ...

Or it’ll bother him ten times more. He will already be struggling to handle this, so knowing that you think it makes him less of a man too will push him over the edge. Keep any bitchy comments in your head, and if you have to talk about it, confide in a trusted friend.


Don’t Confess to Crushes ...

You’d be upset if he constantly pointed out other people he’d love to get into bed, so don’t do it to him. That way he won’t get jealous, and you’ll be free to enjoy your crush without feeling guilty or upsetting him.


Never Tell Your Man How Many People You’ve Slept with ...

Keep the number small, but make sure you remember it. Sleep with too many and you’ll no doubt go down in his opinion, too little and he’ll know you're lying. Pick a small number and flatter his ego.

So edit the truth a little, and keep him, and your relationship happy.

Have you ever told a boyfriend something you shouldn’t, or do you have any advice for others who have? Share it with me!

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Some of these are common sense, but some of these are awful. "Sleep with too many and you'll no doubt go down in his opinion" - if he is the kind of guy that judges a woman's worth by how many men she sleeps with, I would rather eat broken glass than date him so there is absolutely no loss there.

This is awful! I would and never have lied to my boyfriend about this stuff! If you like you have to lie then it is prolly not the right relationship for you to be in :/

this is all false...

I have to disagree with the hole don't tell your man how many men you've slept with. I think they have a right to know! if they are the right one they won't care how many people you've slept with because your with him and not those other people. I mean come on the right guy wouldn't care what you've done because it's water under the bridge! I also have to disagree about the don't tell your man about your crush. Your aloud to have a crush as long as you don't act on it! he can also have feelings as long as he doesn't act on them. Let the other have freedom because the more their coupped up the more they'll want to cheat on you. Freedom is important in a relationship!Let them look it won't do any harm!

I lied to my BF about the amount of men I have been with and he got super mad at me and told me that I should have just told him the truth from the beginning (it wasn't a crazy number) I can agree with most but it pays to be honest . don't judge each other off the past relations

i constantly being my ex (father of my son) and i feel like it bothers him but he does the too? Is it a way of getting back At me. Well his ex wife, so this was very useful.

With these things, there never really is a general set of guidelines. What works for some might not work for others. The important thing is truly knowing your guy and making each other happy.

what I think is , that there is a difference in secrets and privacy.