8 Things NOT to do While Driving ...


8 Things NOT to do While Driving ...
8 Things NOT to do While Driving ...

I’ve been waiting to do this blog for a long time and want to express what to not do when driving. I see so many people driving crazy everyday and want to point out what they are doing wrong when driving. Tons of people everyday get into wrecks and kill other innocent people. Let me discuss 8 Things NOT to do While Driving.

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Eat and Drive!

Eat and Drive! Photo Credit: Pawls

Who has choked on their food when driving? Well, it’s the wrong time to eat, because you need to focus on the road, rather than the food you are eating. As you eat you could drop the food on you or even the food goes down the wrong pipe in matter of speaking. I know when I go get food to eat. I go inside or wait until I go home.


Watch DVD’s

Watch DVD’s Photo Credit: Liyin the Designer-in-Pajamas

Your eye’s needs to be on the road at all times, you should never allow other sounds or movements sidetrack your eyes. They make DVDs for the steering wheel or even for the headboard. They should be for the kid’s eyes only and placed in the back of your seat out of your view.


The Radio

The radio is a major problem with diverting drivers to changing the channels during driving. You should set the music before driving your vehicle. Music is nice during your drive, but should always pull over before messing with the CD player or radio tuner.


Don’t Change Clothes

Don’t Change Clothes Photo Credit: PhotoDu.de

Who chances as they drive? Matter of fact there is a lot of people that are late for work and forget to dress before getting into the car. So, they start dressing as they drive. This is a major do not do.


Wave or Talk to Other Vehicles

Wave or Talk to Other Vehicles Photo Credit: someotherday

Waving might be an alright approach, but I’ve seen people talking as they drive to other drivers in a two lane road. This could result in an accident and might kill other defensive drivers.


Avoid Drinking and Driving (Alcohol)

Avoid Drinking and Driving (Alcohol) Photo Credit:

Of course this is a no brainer and is simple common sense. Drink and drive, you will end up killing someone else or even kill your own self. One of the major reasons people get into accidents is drinking and driving.



Arguing Photo Credit: Treenie Beanie

Fighting or arguing causes bad problems with your driving. You could drive too fast or run into someone being in a rage. Arguing with your kids also could cause you to crash or even hit someone walking on the side of the road.


No Cell Phones or Texting!

No Cell Phones or Texting! Photo Credit: vikisuzan

“OMG” or “TTYL” can wait until you stop at a store or at home. This is a major reason why people get into wrecks or even run over other people. There is a time for texting and cell phones and that’s not during your daily drive to work or to shop. If you get an incoming text or call, you need to look into answering it later or pull over. Never talk on the cell phone while driving. I always pull over or go into a store parking lot to answer to phone.

Texting during driving is a major problem and should be an automatic ticket. So many people die every day for one of these reasons mention in this blog. You should always be careful and drive defensive. Do you catch yourself doing any of these during your daily drive?

Top Photo Credit: Vegan Butterfly

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@Sonya LOL.... My point is - Don't Sleep and drive...if you are tired stop driving and get sleep or simply don't driver.

Ooops.......another typo.

what about sex & driving? that cant be good.

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