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8 Things Not to do during a Lightning Storm ...

By Melanie

Personally, I always liked lightning storms, however, because of the risk of death, there are some things you may not catch me doing during a lightning storm. Below, I am going to give you a list of 8 things not to do during a lightning storm.

8 Take a Shower

Take a ShowerPhoto Credit: Manolis Thr

You definitely should not take a shower during a lightning storm. The lightning could travel through and yes, you could get hurt. I have actually read about these cases.

7 Play Video Games

Play Video GamesPhoto Credit: gnackgnackgnack

I have heard that you should not play video games when there is lightning outside because the lightning could come through the video game controller and zap you. When I was a kid, I always had to turn my games off during a storm.


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6 Have the Computer on

I remember one time, I had the computer on during a storm, lightning hit and sparks came from the computer. It took out everything. When there is a lightning storm, you should definitely unplug your computer.

5 Run around outside

Run around outsidePhoto Credit: Little Lioness

Of course, during a lightning storm, you shouldn’t be running around outside. You should sit inside your home where you are comfortable and safe. Stay away from windows and read a book.

4 Standing on the Beach

Standing on the BeachPhoto Credit: WildImages

Somehow, lightning is known for hitting the beach. Therefore, you should stay away from the beach during a lightning storm. I know, it’s pretty to watch, but it’s not pretty to see it up close.

3 Talking on the Phone

Talking on the PhonePhoto Credit: miriness

Technology has gotten better at this, but I still do not trust it. Talking on the corded phone during a lightning storm is asking for trouble. So, end that conversation for until the storm is over.

2 Sailing

SailingPhoto Credit:

I understand that from time to time if you sail a lot, you could end up in a lightning storm. If this does happen, then don’t touch the cables or anything. Keep your head in the cabin and wait until it passes.

1 Swim

SwimPhoto Credit: pzphotog

When I was at the lake the other day, there were lightnings and there were still people in the lake. Is this a good idea? I don’t think it is. You should avoid swimming when there is a lightning storm – I see that some people do not follow this rule.

These are 8 things not to do during a lightning storm. It is up to you whether you do these things or not. Do you know of any other things you shouldn’t do during a lightning storm? Top Photo Credit: Fadzly @ Shutterhack

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