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8 Ridiculously Expensive Things That Are Not Worth It ...

By Alison

It’s often said that the rich didn’t get to be that way by throwing their money around. How, then, do you explain vastly expensive novelties that only the very rich can afford? I suspect that most of the following are designed to generate publicity, rather than intended for purchase …

1 Dessert

Let’s say an elderly relative remembers you in their will and leaves you £15,000. What could you buy with it? A car, maybe, put a deposit on a house, have a fantastic holiday … or buy dessert. Yes, the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate dessert on offer at a New York restaurant is officially the most expensive in the world. You do get to keep the jewel-encrusted spoon though …

2 Apartment

Apartment Photo Credit: miles202

If your current accommodation isn’t meeting your standards, then why not treat yourself to the most expensive apartment in the world? This luxury London pad is available for an eye-watering £140 million. Yes, £140 million. Of course, for your money you do get something that looks like a Bond villain’s lair, but I just cannot get over that price tag. I’d expect a small country for that money!

3 Burger Bling

Burger Bling Photo Credit: Loua

When you go out for a burger, you want fast, cheap, filling food, right? So I’m not quite clear why anyone would have wanted to order the £95 Burger King ‘The Burger’, which went on sale in 2008. Officially it was in aid of charity – but I guess the publicity didn’t hurt.

4 In the Dog House

Is a common dog house not good enough for your pampered pet? Then was it you who bought the $31,000 crystal Hello Kitty dog house from a Tokyo store a few years ago? Yes, $31,000 for something that the dog would probably ignore anyway.

5 Super Yacht

Super Yacht Photo Credit: Ben Heine

I suppose if you happen to be the ruler of Dubai, a $350 million yacht could be bought from the loose change down the back of the sofa. The Sheihk didn’t have to choose between helipad and aircraft hanger – no, he has both. How very Bond villain.

6 One Careful Owner …

One Careful Owner … Photo Credit: Noah Gillard Photography

If you’re going to spend $28 million on a classic Ferrari, you’re going to take every precaution to keep it in pristine condition, right? Wrong. You’re going to take part in a classic car race and then crash it into another car at slow speed.

7 Have You Got the Time?

Have You Got the Time? Photo Credit: Fanofuncleken

I’m not fussy about watches. All I want from it is to be able to tell the time. So I won’t be purchasing a $1.5 million Vacheron – mind you, only seven were made, so I suppose they aren’t easy to find.

8 Cheers!

Friends coming round for dinner? Now, don’t be mean and rush out to buy a $5 bottle from Walmart. Open that 200-year-old Chateau Lafitte once owned by Thomas Jefferson. Yes, I know you paid $160,000 for it, and it’s no longer drinkable. Do you want to just leave it on the shelf? Oh, you do …

What do you think of these luxury items? Do the buyers have more money than sense? Would you splash the cash if you could?

Top Photo Credit: liber

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