7 of My Facebook Pet Peeves ...


7 of My Facebook Pet Peeves ...
7 of My Facebook Pet Peeves ...

I absolutely love Facebook, but, like anything else the public in general has access to, I do have my user-generated pet peeves. You know, the petty, minor annoyances that other people create that make me shake my fist and (occasionally) curse a little. Here are 7 of my Facebook pet peeves.

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The Poster

The Poster Photo Credit: jj_pappas423

I’ll walk away from my computer to get a bottle of water, and when I come back, I’ve got 12 status updates from the same person, letting me know that in the 30 seconds I was gone, they ate a bagel, drank some coffee, had an epiphany, got married, and found a link to a really cute cat. Nothing anyone does is so important I need to see an update every 6 seconds. Truly.


The Downer

The Downer Photo Credit: Steve Pepple

My grandmother used to say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep quiet.” I wish a few people on Facebook had heard that! We all have a few friends who only post snarky things about other people, or comments about how tired, sick, bored, or wretched they are. Stop it! No-one’s life can be so negative all the time! You’re bringing me down!


The Savior

The Savior Photo Credit: Igor Borodin

This started as merely an e-mail pet peeve, with so many forwarded messages from allegedly deeply religious friends trying to “save” me with some uplifting, or worse, spiteful forwarded message. Now these people post their “God Loves You” messages right alongside the photos from their night of drunken debauchery. Hello! If I’m going to trust one of my Facebook friends with saving my soul, it’s not going to be the one who seems like such a hypocrite!


The anti-Grammarian

The anti-Grammarian Photo Credit: Laguna IT
This phrase bugs me: your welcome. This one too: whats there problem? … Get it? Grammar. Try some. Making such obvious grammatical errors makes you look like an idiot.


The Lurker

The Lurker Photo Credit: tapasparida

This is sort of the online version of a stalker, the guy (or girl) who seems to reply to every status update or link or photo you post five seconds after you post them. How can they be watching you so carefully, unless they’re stalking you?


The Game Addict

The Game Addict Photo Credit: AndreJenny.com

I admit I’m a FarmVille addict, but I don’t send every one of my friends request to join me, or send me gifts, and I don’t fill m wall with my FarmVille activity. But I do have some friends who do, and it drives me crazy!


The Friend-Maker

The Friend-Maker Photo Credit: tapasparida

I have a Facebook friend who has more than 2,000 other Facebook friends. How is this possible? Even if I friended everyone I’ve ever met, I don’t think I could top even 500. How does he have this many friends? I’ll bet he’s never even met half these people…

These are just a few of my Facebook pet peeves, but I’m sure there are bound to be more as more people start using it… argh! Which of these users bugs you the most? What are your Facebook pet peeves? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: AndreJenny.com

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Omg! The grammar thing totally bugs me too. I also hate, hate, hate people who use words like "lyk", "mah" instead of my, people who spell "cool" any other way but that...ah I could go on and on. Good typing turns me on! :D

oooo i hate friend collectors!!!! i mean, really? whats the point of adding people that are half way around the world, that you will never even talk to after you've added them?

I hate people that prays on facebook. Praying is not a bad thing to do of course.. but on facebook? Seriously?

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