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7 Most Annoying Things about Facebook ...

By Lyndsie

Melanie's recent post on annoying Facebook users inspired me to vent about the particular aspects of the networking site that drive me crazy. I resisted using Facebook for the longest time and now I'm as hooked as the millions of other users. Still, a lot of things about the site wear on my nerves; these are the top 7 things I find most annoying.

1 Inappropriate Suggestions

Inappropriate SuggestionsPhoto Credit: Mr. Austin Frothingslosh

I'm not even talking about suggestions to befriend complete strangers. I'm talking about the uncanny ability Facebook has to suggest the most inappropriate people from your past. For instance, Facebook recently suggested this guy I knew when I was very young and very stupid. I was very, very infatuated with him for something like six years before realizing he was an awful, awful person to crush on – and now, suddenly, bam! He's friends with my entire family and Facebook thinks we need to be friends too. That's about as fun as seeing my exes faces pop up over there.

2 Bait and Switch Improvements

Bait and Switch ImprovementsPhoto Credit: .tiff

Facebook is like AOL back in the day now. There are constant updates. They have a new layout every five minutes – and then, as soon as you get used to it, they inevitably revert back to the layout and interface they were using before. And the thing is, the improvements rarely improve anything! It's like they're just trying to keep things edgy without addressing the improvements people really like.


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3 Tag, You're It

Tag, You're ItPhoto Credit: cheshirekat

I would love it if people had to ask my permission before tagging me in a picture. Invariably, family members I haven't seen in a while will post childhood pictures during my unfortunate mullet phase, and suddenly every friend I have is leaving messages asking if I'm the illegitimate daughter of Jeff Foxworthy or Billy Ray Cyrus.

4 Unwanted Groups

Unwanted GroupsPhoto Credit: socialjuliophotos

One of Facebook's more recent improvements allows other users to make their friends members of groups. Uh, what? I didn't think anything of this until I read about Mark Zuckerberg himself getting stealthily included in a NAMBLA group. I think they might have fixed this, but I'm still paranoid enough that I constantly check my own group memberships, just to be on the safe side.

5 Quizzes

QuizzesPhoto Credit: Patux

I thought I left this behind with LiveJournal, or at least when I gave up MySpace. Not so. Now I know exactly how sexy my friends' names are, and which sexual positions they most resemble (what?) – because I didn't already know that from all their TMI posts.

6 Games

GamesPhoto Credit: Trucos Farmville

I know people like playing games. I don't have a problem with that at all. I'm not going to hide them or ignore them or defriend them because they like to play Farmville. However, I do wish that since Facebook gives you the option to hide game apps from your News Feed (or whatever it is this week), it would actually follow through with it, because I still end up seeing which friend got the new pink pony in Cafe World or something.

7 It's so Addictive

It's so AddictivePhoto Credit: Vasjen Katro

Top Photo Credit: Bryan Veloso

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