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8 Worst Things a Teacher Can do ...

By Aprille

Having been involved in the field of teaching, I feel I've learned how to conduct myself in front of students and faculty. The 8 worst things a teacher can do are listed below. Whether you are a teacher yourself or just decided to see what this post was about, feel free to add to this list with your own comments.

8 Have a Negative Attitude

I have a hard time understanding how pessimistic people and ones with a poor attitude ever thought about becoming a teacher in the first place. I always remember my teachers being happy individuals who were bubbling with life and ideas that they wanted to share with their students. I'm not saying you have to act like June Cleaver, but a good attitude is a must.

7 Be Inconsistent with Rules

Not sticking to your guns will show kids that you can be persuaded to change your mind. Being inconsistent shows students that you don't regard rules as things that should be followed. Students take this to mean that rules are meant to be broken, so they don't need to follow them either.

6 Gossip about Other Teachers

There's always going to be 1 or 2 gossipers in the bunch at work. Try to refrain from joining in with this gossip. Make your copies on the machine and listen all you want, but save your comments. Getting involved with faculty gossip has ended many good teaching careers, from what I've seen. It also isn't polite to gossip. Even if there is some truth to it, there's no need for you to be a link in the chain of people who is intent on passing this personal information around.

5 Disrespect Students

Being disrespectful to students will cause them to be disrespectful to you. It's impossible to expect students to show respect when you don't offer it to students. It's also very difficult to earn the respect of students if you initially were disrespectful to them.

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4 Show Favoritism

There are always going to be students that you like more than others. It's hard not to feel that way. However, showing favoritism towards the students is never a good thing. All students should be treated fairly. Whatever rule goes for one student should also go for the others. There shouldn't be any special treatment at all.

3 Make a Negative Comment about a Student

I've heard teachers talk about students like they weren't even there. This seems to be more common with elementary teachers. It's as if they think that the child won't pick up on what is being said aloud, so there's no need to hide it. Little kids are more in tune with their surroundings than you think.

2 Get into a Shouting Match with a Student

This type of behavior not only shows students that you are a teacher without self-control, but it can also cost you your job. I've known of a few teachers that lost jobs because they were constantly yelling at students. Shouting at one another is no way to resolve issues that may be going on in the classroom.

1 Belittle a Student in Front of Peers

Humiliating a student in front of his/her friends won't make you look cool. Students can get away with being sarcastic with one another in front of friends, but they are supposed to be that way. Teachers are supposed to be the keepers of peace. They aren't to be the ones who initiate the heckling of a student.

This list of the 8 worst things a teacher can do is composed of things I've seen over the years. Being a teacher is supposed to be a positive experience, for both teacher and students. What is one of the worst things you think a teacher could possibly do?

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