7 Bad Text Situations ...


7 Bad Text Situations ...
7 Bad Text Situations ...

Ladies, I’m sure we’ve all received some shockers in our time, or worse, sent a few texts we’ve really regretted. Bad texting situations can become horribly awkward with unfortunate repercussions that it’s hard to live down. There are certain situations in which it’s safer not to texts, ladies, so I’ve put together a guide to help you realise when it’s time to put the phone down.

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When You’re Drunk

I’m sure we’ve all sent a fair few drunken messages by now ladies, so we should know that it’s not a good idea. Whatever it is you so desperately need to tell your ex, or your mother, or even your worst enemy, trust me, it can and should definitely wait until the morning.


When You’re Angry

Angry messages are almost as bad an idea and drunk messages. Remember that a text won’t disappear into the ether like the spoken word; you might be able to deny you said something but you can never argue that you didn’t write all those bitchy things. You’re not rational when you’re about to lose it – if you’ve got something to sort out with a friend or partner, talk to them when you’ve calmed down. Don’t send mean messages that you’ll just regret later.


As a Serious Apology

If you’ve really screwed up, texting just isn’t going to cut it I’m afraid, ladies. Sure, if you forget to get milk, or didn’t feed the hamster before you went to work, a quick text to let someone know is ok. But if you’ve just accidentally made out with your friend’s boyfriend it’s simply not good enough. Put the phone down, ladies, get in the car, and apologise in person: it’s the only way.


To Call in Sick

Never, ever do this, girls. If you do, you’re asking to be fired. Texting work to say that you’re sick is like yelling ‘I just didn’t feel like coming in today’ down the phone. Always call, and if you ‘re too ill to manage that, get your partner or a friend to do it. Just don’t text: it’s job suicide.


To Ask Your Professor a Question

If you’re a student, and somehow you’ve come across one of your teacher’s personal numbers, don’t abuse it by sending a text every time you don’t understand something. In fact, try not to text him or her at all. If you have a questions, email and schedule a meeting. This way your (very busy) teacher won’t have to spend an age writing a lengthy answer on their multi-tap keyboard.


To Ask a Big Favour

Texting a friend to ask a huge favour is kind of like admitting you know they won’t want to do it but you’re going to ask anyway. As with the apology, this sort of request is best made in person and if you don’t feel you can do it face to face, then the fact of the matter is you probably shouldn’t be.


To End a Relationship

This is such a cliché, ladies: don’t do it. Breaking up with someone is hard, but it’s so important that you don’t take the easy way out and tap out a quick text. Steel yourself, girls, and get it over with in person. You’ll be a better person for your efforts.

Have I missed anything out, girls? Can you think of another time when a text just isn’t a good idea? Let me know; I’d love to hear from you!

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cell phones break up a lot of relationships

I always text my boss if i'm sick. It used to be because he made me nervous when talking face to face with him, I never have sick days unless I literally cannot get out of bed, so he knows I would skive, and usually i give him a few hours notice, so i know he wouldn't appreciate me waking him and his household up at 6am! Sarcastic texts dont work either unless the receiver knows you well!

My ex broke up with me over a text message. Then a week later, he texted me apologizing for being a s***ty boyfriend. I told him that it doesn't mean anything unless it's face to face. At the point, he told me he needed more time...what a coward.

Text message breakup! That's the worst...

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