7 Sports That Shouldn't Be in the Olympics ...


7 Sports That Shouldn't Be in the Olympics ...
7 Sports That Shouldn't Be in the Olympics ...

We’ve all accidentally turned the channel over to the Olympics at one time or another and thought, “What are they doing? Is this even a sport?” Some of the stuff that they have deemed worthy of Olympic medals and here are the most laughable of those choices.

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I don’t understand how this is a sport. I guess some consider it an art, but to me it is just jumping around and doing Ninja Turtle stuff. If doing that’s worthy of a medal, then the Olympic committee owes the 8-year old version of myself several.



Golf is not a sport; it’s a hobby. If out of shape old men can still compete and win then this needs to be taken off of the table. I realize it takes a lot of skill to play this game, but the same can be said for Scrabble, but you don’t see anyone handing out medals for that, do you?



Sword fighting in a beekeeper’s uniforms, do I even need to explain? Next!



Ok, so the horse is in amazing shape and can do all kinds of impressive things. Fine. If that’s the case how about opening it up to dogs that can fetch really well or maybe sneezing pandas. They already have an Equestrian World Cup or something for horses, I think. Let’s keep it that way.



Again, if you don’t have to be in shape to do it then it’s really not a sport. This is another one that falls into the skill category. Let them have their own award show.


Table Tennis

This is a joke. Table tennis? What’s next foosball? Maybe beer pong? Yes, that scene in Forrest Gump was pretty funny, but the funniest part is that they hand out real medals. Guys who break world records for running, swimming, and weight lifting who have trained their body’s for years are handed out the same medals are guys who are good at ping pong. Weak sauce…



Have you ever seen this? It makes absolutely no sense at all. Look it up on YouTube. From what I can gather you basically stand in the middle of a hockey rink, scoot these things while you lay out across the ice, and then you sweep the floor. My question is who saw this and connected the dots to, “This should be an Olympic sport.” Seriously, what were they thinking? Fail.

I hope there aren’t any equestrian curler fencing experts who have a passion for ping pong that read thing blog, other wise I probably offended some people. Do you disagree with any of my choices?

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Who do you think you are to say which sport should or shouldn't be in the Olympics? I'd like to see you trying your best at those sports and practicing for hours and hours until it hurts, like those athletes do. They spend their entire life dedicated to the sport they love, just to have someone say that it's not even a sport? Prejudice has no place in an article. In fact, this can not even be considered an article. I don't know who came up with the whole idea of this, but it's not a very bright one. I think you should at least respect what others do for a living and their hard work. P.S. Being judgemental won't get you that far..

Taekwondo Is a Art! And it's not Ninja turtle moves, when someone comes and attacks you let's see how you can defend yourself. Its great for women to know some defense!! Also don't say something that you don't even know anything about!!

I compete in equestrian games, and I think it was offending what you said about it, as well as other sports. I've dedicated my life to the equestrian sport. It is not just sitting on a horse, those horses and riders have trained their whole lives, and are the best of the best. Yes, there is a World Equestrian Games, but doesn't every sport in the olympics already have there own large sompetitions? And also, if you knew anything about what the equestrian is, its 3 day eventing. Composed of Grand Prox Dressage, Show Jumping, and Cross Country, which was originally a test for war horses, to prove they were worthy. Those horses, are worth more than your car, and probably your house. I think some research should be done before you create a post full of critisism of sports you truly do not know anything about, or understand. Educate yourself first.

All I can do is laughter at the Equestrian one! You think it's easy trusting an unpredictable animal ten times your weight, schooling 7 days a week, hours on end. Not only are not you training yourself to the best of your abilities, you arec training an animal which takes twice the effort and time it does any other sport! It makes us mad that people under estimate the power of horse riding, the fact that you are putting your life on the line, knowing that any minute you could fall and break your neck or even worse death. It is a risk we are willing to take. Now you know what it should be like running? Try doing approx 5 kilometers non stop at a galloping pace and over jumps taller than you, while the hoReese runs the marathon, the rider giving the horsecthe compulsion and ability to do it. So no, horse riding isn't just sitting on top of a horse and yes it damn should be and will be an olympic sport.

I think I would agree with most of the comments. This post is very offensive. I have practiced other martial arts and now people practicing fencing and table tennis...and if you think they're so easy or they're a joke... just TRY THEM and you'll be really ashamed of your assumptions.

WHAT? no way! any kind of sports is good. things you wrote just makes no sense. though the only thing that i didnt like in olympics 2010 is that they showed curling instead of ice hockey ALL THE TIME. but thats not sports fault, its because here in France they dont appriciate hockey. and i missed it. i come from an ice hockey country god damn :D

As a horse gal, I personally think that equestrians have a right to be there. Those athletes are probably more in shape than some Olympic sports. And besides there is also the same if not higher risk of being hurt. You are dealing with a 1300 lbs animal.

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