9 Beauty Turn-Offs to Avoid ...


9 Beauty Turn-Offs to Avoid ...
9 Beauty Turn-Offs to Avoid ...

When it comes to beauty, there are always definite do’s and don’ts. There are things you should do, and things you should stay away from at all costs. Some of these are personal choices, granted, but by reading about the following beauty turn-offs to avoid, you might decide to change some of your habits, or at least relax them a little bit.

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Thick Eyeliner

Thick Eyeliner Photo Credit: lvloves.blogspot.com

Thick eyeliner may have its time and place, but it should not be worn all the time. It doesn’t make the best daytime look, for instance. Plus, having raccoon rings around your eyes can actually detract from how pretty they really are. Sometimes less is more, so even if you only change your habit for the daylight hours, you may find that the look complements you more.


Perfume Overload

Perfume Overload Photo Credit: pearled

This is not only one of the most important beauty turn-offs to avoid, it’s also one of my pet peeves. Perfume is intensely personal, but it can also be intensely strong. Pouring on too much is not only a bad beauty move, it can also be disrespectful to the people around you. I get massive headaches when I smell strong perfume, and if your scent is that strong, you don’t need a lot of it anyway.


Sticky Lips

Sticky Lips Photo Credit: wieniawski.blogspot.com

Some lipsticks are just really sticky. They might be incredibly pretty, but if it’s sticky, it can get super clumpy on your lips. It doesn’t look great, either. Plus, here’s the worst bit: if your lipstick is really thick and sticky, what’s going to happen if you kiss someone? It’s not going to feel really great to the kissee.


A Huge Poof

A Huge Poof Photo Credit: hannahroseking

Like it or not, the Jersey Shore has invaded our culture and worked its way into the public’s fashion consciousness. It has especially personalized itself with the poof, thanks to Snooki. I won’t argue that this can be incredibly cute sometimes. However, you don’t need to go to Snook’s staggering heights. If your hair makes you the tallest person in the room, consider it a definite beauty turn-off to avoid.


Too Much Tan

Too Much Tan Photo Credit: weheartit.com
Speaking of the Jersey Shore … some folks – men and women alike – are going way too far with the fake and bake. I am super pale, and haven’t wanted to be tan since I was a kid. Still, I know a little golden glow looks fantastic on some people – but don’t go too far! You don’t want to start looking orange. I don’t care what Snooki says, there is definitely such a thing as being too tan!


Crazy Fingernails

Crazy Fingernails Photo Credit: ingridcquepournous

Manicures are one thing. Acrylic nails are one thing. However, you do not need to turn your fingernails into talons. I get that some people kind of express their style and individuality that way, but in my humble opinion, if your nails are long enough to put someone’s eyes out, then they’re too long! Scale it down just a bit – your nails will still be pretty!


A Fine Line

A Fine Line Photo Credit: misquincemag.com

Another of the big beauty turn-offs to avoid involves your makeup. You have to remember to blend. It can be a real turn off to see a girl whose face looks flawless … until you get down to her neck, where you spot a definitely line of demarcation between her real skin and her foundation. I used to be hugely guilty of this until I learned to sponge and blend afterward.


Unnatural Accessories

Unnatural Accessories Photo Credit: jocelynemora.blogspot.com

As tempting as it is to do things like make a fake beauty mark on your face, I promise you it’s not necessary. Fake or unnatural additions aren’t always appealing, and things like this aren’t really necessary either. What I’ve always wondered is, how to you always remember the exact spot where you put your beauty mark?


Over Processed Hair

Over Processed Hair Photo Credit: hair.becomegorgeous.com

I’ve been guilty of this as well, when I’ve gotten too carried away with changing my hair. When your hair gets over processed, it can actually start looking fake. The texture looks awful, and it may look like you’re actually walking around with a really bad wig. Always give your hair time to heal, and remember to use products carefully.

Now, it has to be said that while I might think these are big beauty turn-offs to avoid, you may not. Everyone has their own idea of beauty. What do you hate to see?

Top Photo Credit: mattburns.co.uk

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I always have my hair permed then straighten it after a few months then have it permed again.. now it looks terrible :( huhuhuhu

I can't stand fake or acrylic nails - especially the really long ones. That is such a pet peeve of mine. I love naturally long (but not ridiculous!) nails in bright colors though. :)

perfume overdose is real killer to good look.

I think Unnatural Accessories is the foolist thing ever. "What I’ve always wondered is, how to you always remember the exact spot where you put your beauty mark?" ---> This statement is so true!

Sticky lips. eeew. I hate that feeling when it is so sticky and humid.

Oooh, Mascara!!! I have really long, thin eyelashes, and sometimes my mascara can get a little too clumpy. Any gals out there know what may help? Thanks!!!

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