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7 Things to Not do on a First Date ...

By Lyndsie

There are a lot of things to not do on a first date … but what are they, exactly? The proper rules of first date etiquette are constantly changing. Things that would have never been allowed as few as 10 years ago are now par for the course. If you want a second date, if you want your date to feel good about you and, more importantly, if you want to feel good about yourself, there are some things you should never do. Dating is hard, and the rules of dating are difficult to master – but remember, they're not impossible. If you start out by knowing the most important things to not do on a first date, it'll be smooth sailing from there.

1 Have Sex

Having sex is the number one thing to not do on a first date. Every situation is different, I'll grant you that, and I know that all guys aren't alike – but a lot of them will even admit that they lose respect for a girl if she gives it up on the first date. I know that sometimes that chemistry gets crazy and you just don't want the night to end, but if you feel the need to let it linger, that's what long goodnight kisses are for. You don't want to come off as easy and you don't want to risk losing any self respect. If he's into you, he won't care that you don't have sex on the first date – he'll prefer it! And if he's not that into you, giving in and putting out is not going to change his mind.

2 Be Late

I know some girls who honestly believe that making a guy wait around for 15 minutes is a great idea. One such girl I know, a twittering wannabe Southern belle type, insists, “It makes him want me more!” No, actually, it makes him think you're rude and uninterested. If you wouldn't tolerate your date being late without an explanation, don't do it to anyone else, either.

3 Text All Evening

I have no idea where this trend started, but it's a bad habit to have, especially when you're on a first date. One important thing to not do on a first date is behave rudely, and this falls under that category. What's so interesting that you can't put down your phone? If you're bored, try and fake it through dinner; if you're playing hard to get … well, I bet your date ends up being hard to get as well – hard to get for a second date.

4 Overdress

I know you want to look nice on your date – that's completely understandable. But I promise that you'll look ten times more stunning in something that makes you comfortable. Don't bust out something you've never tried on before or try to go around all night in six inch stilettos that pinch your feet. If you buy something new, make sure if fits comfortably and makes you look lovely.

5 Drink Too Much

Drinking too much is a bad idea on any date, but especially a first one. Alcohol will loosen your tongue and your inhibitions, and this isn't a good time to be completely out of control. Have a cocktail or a few glasses of wine. You know your tolerance, so don't go overboard. You'll thank yourself – and me! – the morning after.

6 Pretend You Don't Eat

Not eating is definitely one thing to not do on a first date. It makes your date uncomfortable, and it makes you look … well, dumb. A guy's not going to think it's sexy or admirable that you aren't eating. He's going to think you're one of THOSE girls, plus he'll feel weird chowing down while you're pecking at a salad. Order what you like – if he wanted to go out with you, seeing out eat a steak won't change his mind.

7 Talk about the Wrong Things

There are lots of verboten topics on a first date; you probably already know what they are. Don't talk about your ex, whether you're trying to favorably compare your date to him or not. Don't talk about all the things he did wrong, either. Don't ask your date about his exes, because that's weird. Past relationships have no place on a first date. This is a date for just the two of you; don't let your ex or his make it a threesome.

First dates are tense enough without worrying about what you're doing wrong. To that end, every date is different, just like all of you are different. What works for one person may not feel natural to another, and that's all right. Still, there are some things to not do on a first date that are pretty universal. What kind of first date behavior do you find totally verboten? Sound off down below to let me know, y'all!

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