10 Things That Shouldn't Ruin Your Day ...

There are two types of people in this world: reactive and proactive people. Reactive people act like victims. They respond to events and changes in a way that removes all power from them. Proactive people are the opposite of reactive people. They take charge of their lives and they do what they can in a given situation. Out of these two, I’d say that I would definitely aspire to be a take-charge, proactive woman. Being proactive is not easy but it is something you can learn. A great way to start being proactive is by not letting certain things to ruin your day. You just have to take control and make the best of a situation. Here are some things that shouldn’t ruin your day.

1. Bad Hair

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For us girls, our hair can sometimes help boost our self-confidence. If we have great hair, we feel like we can take on anything. But if we have a bad hair day, we feel vulnerable and less confident. But honestly, having bad hair shouldn’t bring you down. Instead of focusing on the bad, you should focus on what works. Wear your favorite outfit or do something that makes you happy. Remember that your hair is a small part of you. You are as beautiful and confident as you allow yourself to feel.

2. An Annoying Co-worker

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Negative people are all around us. Even if they make you feel like you are the cause of their problems, don’t believe it for one second. Their negativity comes from inside them and has nothing to do with you. So don’t let their negativity ruin your day. Counter their negativity with smiles, encouragement, and as much positivity as you can muster. If nothing else works, ignore them and get on with your day.

3. Running Late

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I know, I know…. Running late can really ruin your schedule and your whole day. However, there is no use getting worked up about it. Time is moving forward and all you can do is move along with it. Accept that you are running late and just do the next thing on your to-do list. If you can, find a way to make up for lost time but don’t let being late ruin the rest of the day.

4. Your Boyfriend Not Texting

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Don’t drive yourself crazy into thinking up all these scenarios to explain why your boyfriend or crush isn’t texting. I’m sure that the guy has a valid reason for not texting you. Sure, you can get upset. But just for a moment, okay? Then try to focus on the more important things that you have to do for the day. Don’t dwell on things you have no control over. Just ask him about it the next time you see him.

5. Slipping up on Your Diet

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Trying to eat healthy or a certain way can be tricky. There are times when you slip up especially if you are busy and you don’t have a meal plan. You can beat yourself up about it. Or you can also accept and learn from your mistake. Move on and continue to eat healthy. Don’t fall back into old habits because of one mistake.

6. Bad Drivers

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You can try your best to be a good and courteous driver but that doesn’t mean that other people will do the same. There are bad drivers everywhere so it’s not impossible to be on the same road with them. It’s so easy to get mad at them when they cut you off, when they drive too slow, or when they don’t stick to their respective lanes. But instead of reacting, take a deep breath and try to remain calm as you focus on your driving. Forget about the driver as soon as possible.

7. Traffic

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Traffic is one of those things you can’t control. And like any other thing you can’t control, there is no use getting mad about getting stuck in traffic. Instead of fretting, do something productive while waiting for traffic to move. You can also use this downtime in your day to relax and just be quiet.

8. Waiting in Line

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Waiting in line is similar to the experience of being stuck in traffic. You may want the line to move faster but you really have no control over the people running the operation. The best thing you can do is keep calm and just try to be proactive about the experience.

9. No Internet Connection

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I know that you need the internet to do accomplish certain school and work tasks. And yes, I will not deny that I would also get upset if I lost internet connection. However, you can’t do anything about it other than to inform your service provider about the problem. Then it’s the waiting game. Instead of worrying the whole day, do something that doesn’t require an internet connection. Exercise, make calls, read a book, make a to-do list, write up a draft, or just take this time to relax.

10. The Weather

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Is it raining? Is it too hot? If it’s winter: is it snowing too hard? Even if we want to be flexible with our plans, there are times when the weather just ruins them. However, that doesn’t mean that your day should be a complete bust. If possible, modify your plans to work with the weather of the day. Stop sulking and try to have fun.

If you think about it, these things can’t really ruin your day without your permission. They are somehow insignificant when compared to the bigger picture. Plus, these situations will happen so you might as well learn to adapt, to be flexible, and to be proactive. These things, and all the other small stuff, shouldn’t ruin your day. Now I would like to know: do you sweat the small stuff? Share your experiences and how you think you can be more proactive.

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