The 10 Life Rules You Shouldn't Break ...

Have you ever noticed how everyone has different advice? From how to lose weight to how to deal with cheating, if you’ve got a problem, everyone will have a different solution. So how do you whose right, and which advice to ignore? Well, while it can’t help with every situation, I’ve found that having some life rules really helps with complicated problems. Here are 10 life rules you definitely shouldn’t break, to help you with those tough times...

1. Pretend All Children Are Angels

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Whether they are having tantrums or sulking, never admit to your friends that their children are annoying you. While it’s completely normal to be irritated and even shocked about the behaviour of some children, it isn’t very polite to point this out. Especially as young children can be hard to control at the best of times! Be aware when children are around, but refrain from commenting on their behaviour. Not only will it prevent problems, but it will also make you appear very elegant.

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