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8 Worst Places to Keep Your Things ...

By Jennifer

I was watching the Today Show a couple of weeks ago and saw a segment I’ll never forget. It was about the worst places for your health, which got me thinking. What else do we do every day that might be hazardous, or just plain gross? I did a little digging, and added a few things to the list they had on Today. Keep these in mind! These are the 7 worst places to keep your things…

1 Toothbrush

ToothbrushPhoto Credit: Creature Comforts

Where do you keep your toothbrush? Most likely it sits in a cup on your bathroom counter near your sink. Believe it or not, that’s one of the worst places to keep it! Every time you flush your toilet, bacteria goes flying up to six feet away… right there on your counter, and on your toothbrush! Ick! Keep it in a cup in your medicine cabinet instead.

2 Handbag

HandbagPhoto Credit: Jennifer Ladd handmade

Think about all the places your handbags sits during the average day… the floor of your office, the floor in the public restroom, the floor of the restaurant… so when you get home, the last place you ought to set it is on the kitchen counter or on the dining room table! In fact, you might want to just throw the thing away. A recent study asked women to swab the bottom of the handbags, and found that the majority of them are covered in fecal matter. Oh, gross! So keep your handbag on a hook… especially in the restroom!

3 Prescription Drugs

Prescription DrugsPhoto Credit: Punk Dolphin

Most of us tend to keep our medicines in, well, the medicine cabinet in the bathroom! But that’s actually not the best place for it. Our bathrooms can get very hot and humid when we shower, and most drugs aren’t meant to be stored over 77 degrees. Keep them in a kitchen cabinet or closet instead.

4 Leftovers

LeftoversPhoto Credit: laurenlemon

Once dinner’s done, do you rush to get that half of lasagna or pizza into the fridge as soon as you can? This is actually a bad idea. A warm, moist atmosphere is the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria, so it’s a better idea to cut the leftovers into small portions, let them cool to room temperature, then put them in the fridge.

5 Shoes

ShoesPhoto Credit: *midtownsky*

Think about what might be on the bottom of your shoes, just like what’s on the bottom of your handbag. Think of all the places you’ve walked during the day. For the sake of your floors and carpets at home, take your shoes off at the door, instead of walking across your house and into your closet.

6 Self, on a Plane

Self, on a PlanePhoto Credit: matt.hintsa

If you get airsick, the worst place to sit on a plane is in the very back or very front. The closer you are to the wings, the less you’ll feel each bit and bump of turbulence. Whew!

7 Credit Cards

Credit CardsPhoto Credit: Bruce Sutherland

If you keep all of your credit cards, debit cards, library cards, and ID in the same small wallet, you might be wearing away the magnetized strips very quickly. Instead, keep the ones you rarely use at home and keep just the ones you always use in your wallet.

8 Razor

RazorPhoto Credit: *Asya*

What happens to metal when it’s exposed to water? It rusts. So the worst place to keep your razor is in the place we all happen to keep it — in the shower. Take it in the shower or tub with you, then take it out with you when you get out and store it somewhere else, like in a vanity drawer or medicine cabinet.

Germs and bacteria and filth, oh my! I’ll never look at a public restroom, or my shoes, the same way again! Which of these had you heard of before? Or do you know of another bad place for us to keep our things? Please, please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Baqir Ali

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