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8 People Its Totally Okay to Really Dislike ...

By Kati

I like to think I’m a friendly person. I smile at everyone, I like meeting new people, and I’ll help anyone if I can. I even like to think I’ll be able to extract the sparkly side from those people who just never smile, and can’t be pleased. Some people are just downright irritating, though, and it’s totally okay to dislike people like these...

Table of contents:

  1. your hairdresser
  2. “your call is important to us...”
  3. the with-held number
  4. the dessert-stealer
  5. the till assistant
  6. the man on the train
  7. “smile, it might never happen”
  8. relatives at weddings

1 Your Hairdresser

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So you’ve gone to the hairdressers, and politely asked for a trim. Apart from your hairdresser seemed to hear “Shave off most of my hair”. And by the time you’d noticed, they insisted that you’d look better this way, and that it would look silly if they stopped now. Gahhh!

2 “Your Call is Important to Us...”

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It feels a bit mean to dislike a computer voice, but seriously. After twenty minutes of waiting, it really doesn’t feel like our call is important to you, and we aren’t in the lovely mood we were when we first dialled. So when you finally answer and can’t spell our names right, or the system doesn’t know who we are, it’s really not that funny....

3 The with-held Number

Photo Credit: saizod

One call from a with held number is puzzling, especially if they don’t leave a message. The second? Annoying. After that? Why won’t they leave a message? Who are they? Why do they keep calling!?

4 The Dessert-Stealer

Photo Credit: ulterior epicure

That delicious looking dessert I just ordered? It’s for me. I’m happy to buy you one too...I like to make other people happy. But that one? It’s mine. I want it. So don’t eat little taste will soon turn into half the bowl, and we both know it. Greedy? Maybe. But if you want one, order it!

5 The Till Assistant

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Who asks you if all that food is for you. Does it matter? More to the point, I might be unable to go shopping for the next few weeks, or I might just feel like pigging out. Or I might be sharing with friends. Or shopping for family members, or my next door neighbour too. But now I don’t particularly feel like buying any of it...

6 The Man on the Train

Photo Credit: just.Luc

Who sits behind you every morning, without fail, and reads your newspaper over your shoulder. Which would be annoying enough on its own, but he also has to have BO, dandruff and bad breath. Which means no one else will sit near you or him. Grrr.

7 “Smile, It Might Never Happen”

Photo Credit: the brownhorse

I don’t know why strangers need to say this. They might be trying to help. But, it doesn’t. It’s usually builders for me...well what if it did just happen? I am a smiley person, and I like smiling. So if I’m not smiling, there is a reason for it, and “It might never happen” probably isn’t it. Nor is it going to help.

8 Relatives at Weddings

Photo Credit: Sebastien LABAN

You are really pleased that your distant cousin has got hitched, but it does not mean you want to marry the first man you see. And relatives questioning if you have a man yet, or sympathising with having a boyfriend who doesn’t want to marry you, is neither helpful nor productive. If I have news, I will tell you, when I am ready. If not? Please don’t constantly question me. For the record, my boyfriend does not ‘not want to marry me’. But I’m 19, and we are happy. Case closed!

Other possibilities include ex girlfriends, and that person with arms full of shopping that pushes in front at the ‘eight items or less’ till, and pretends they didn’t notice...Honestly, I am a nice person! Is there someone you just can’t stand? Please let me know! (Chances are, I’ll sympathise!)

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