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8 Things to Avoid Saying during Sex ...

By Melanie

Sometimes, people can be so harsh when they say things during sex that is wrong. So, you don’t want to say the wrong things of sex? That’s good, because below, I am going to give you 8 things to avoid saying during sex.

8 I Don’t like That

I Don’t like ThatPhoto Credit: SierraLan.

If you do not like something your partner is doing, then you should try to move them to another spot or action that you will like. You should never just come out and say that you do not like something, that will totally ruin the mood.

7 That’s Not Good

That’s Not GoodPhoto Credit: artsy_T

It’s not good? Even if you are the type of person that is straight to the point, if you think they are not doing something that is good, then again, move them to something different without telling them what you think.

6 You’re Not Good

You’re Not GoodPhoto Credit: jcash17588

You’ve tried everything and they can’t seem to push your buttons the right way. Well, it takes time to get used to someone and learn what they want. Give them a chance. Keep going. Don’t tell them they suck at having sex.

5 You’re Not as Naughty as the Last Person

You’re Not as Naughty as the Last PersonPhoto Credit: Gavin Liam Levitz Russell

When you’re having sex, it’s not the time to talk about your last relationship. They don’t want to be reminded of the last one who “used” you. This can totally set the mood off, especially if they hear that they are not as good. That would be mean.

4 But My Last Girlfriend/Boyfriend Would do That

But My Last Girlfriend/Boyfriend Would do ThatPhoto Credit: Cuba Gallery

If you have a partner that will not do something, such as go down on you or have anal sex, then don’t say “but my last partner would do that …” If your partner does not want to do something, then you should not remind them that your other partner would.

3 You’re Not Doing It Right

You’re Not Doing It RightPhoto Credit: pattpoom

Okay, so they’re not doing something right. Maybe they just need some instructions on how to do it. Yes, I just said that you need to give instructions – but in a sexual, sweet way. Not in a harsh way, like “you’re not doing it right.” If they’re not doing it right, then help them do it right – teach them how to do it.

2 This is Boring

This is BoringPhoto Credit: Kristybee

Oh wow, if someone said “this is boring” during sex, then that would be a total heartbreaker. Don’t go and say this is boring. If something is boring, then try spicing it up.

1 Someone else’s Name

Someone else’s NamePhoto Credit: cleebster

Oh goodness, if your partners name is Miranda, then that is the only name you should be using, unless she has a nickname or you call her by a pet name. Don’t go saying some other girls name and girls, the same goes to you!

There you have 8 things to avoid saying during sex. You should avoid these things at all costs. You know, unless you plan on having a bad relationship. You should understand that sometimes, people just need instructions as every person is different and does things differently. So, what are some good things to say during sex? Do you have any bad things to say during sex?

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