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10 Most Annoying Words ...

By Alison

There are some words that make me want to scream when I read them in newspaper articles. Okay, maybe I’m reading the wrong newspaper (it’s not the most intellectual), but it appears that the journalists have to include one word from a selection of adjectives and nouns in any article. Here are the 10 most annoying words that infuriate me.

1 Toned

TonedPhoto Credit:Biggestfanpro

This is apparently mandatory in any article about a female celebrity in a bikini – unless it’s one of the critical type making derogatory comments. The ‘writer’ always refers to her ‘toned figure’, as if the two words have been surgically attached. Does anyone know what a toned figure looks like anyway?

2 Celebrity

What do you have to do to become a celebrity these days? Very little, it appears. And maintaining that status is even easier. Just have cosmetic surgery, put out a perfume, turn up at any event where there will be photographers …

3 Star

StarPhoto Credit:

It seems like everyone’s a star these days. It makes me despair when I see the words ‘reality TV star’. Oh for the days when stars were glamorous, accomplished, and didn’t share every detail of their lives with us …

4 Wearing …

Wearing …Photo Credit:The Benbow

Any article about a female celebrity (grimace) must describe her outfit in precise detail. Clothes, shoes, accessories … slow news day perhaps?

5 Curves

CurvesPhoto Credit: Hana S

You have to wonder what some of these ‘journalists’ think a curvy woman looks like, as it is usually used to refer to an actress/singer who barely has an ounce of flesh on her. Curvy in comparison to others, maybe …

6 Tweeted

TweetedPhoto Credit: nerdgirljulie

Why oh why do these people feel compelled to share their every move, thought and action with us? I have never tweeted in my life and don’t find it too hard to resist. Does anyone really care about the thoughts of a ‘celebrity’?

7 Brave

This word is frequently used to describe a famous person after splitting with their partner. Newsflash – it happens to all of us, and we have to carry on! Nothing brave about it!

8 Tanned

TannedPhoto Credit: Devastatia

If a celebrity is on the beach, then some reference must be made to her tanned body. If she is not tanned, then critical comments are made. Why this obsession with tans? What’s wrong with being pale?

9 Shocking

ShockingPhoto Credit: hunterhogan

Chances are that whatever situation this word is describing is far from shocking. It’s simply being used to stoke up readers’ indignation. Journalistic impartiality …?

10 Welfare

This is another word that is used with the intention of making readers angry. The implication is always that anyone on welfare is a scrounger – I’m sure some are, but why assume that it’s always true?

What things do newspapers say that annoy you? Are there any papers that you just can’t bear to read because of the way they write

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