7 Things He Would Love to Hear You Say ...


7 Things He Would Love to Hear You Say ...
7 Things He Would Love to Hear You Say ...

Each guy is different, so some of the items on my list might come across as cheesy to a few, but utterly romantic to others. It all depends on the man on the receiving end. I’ve compiled a list that includes 7 things he would love to hear you say. I’m sure you’ve seen the positive reaction that followed by making one of the following statements.

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That New Pick-up Truck Was an Excellent Choice

Guys often pride themselves on their trucks or on any vehicle they happen to own. Some men go so far as to refer to it as their baby. Telling your guy that he picked out a winner will get you a huge amount of brownie points. Usually if a man gets complimented on his vehicle or for making a good choice on something, the person giving the compliment is thought highly of. If you can give him a compliment that combines both these aspects, then Sister, you’re Queen!


You’re so Strong and Manly

Being a good provider seems to be highly regarded in the male world. The big, strong, manly men are always competing to see who is Top Dog. Letting your guy know that he’s the big strong one you admire will keep him more than happy. Asking him to do some simple tasks that require lots of strength will only engrain this comment deeper. He will be thinking about your statement the entire time he’s performing the task.


I’ve Got This One

This statement can be used in many different ways. You could say it in reference to a tab, a chore, or in regards to something your guy is trying to accomplish, but not really wanting to do it. I know early morning is never a fun time for my husband. I try to help him out any way I can. By uttering these words I can easily allow him to sleep in another couple of hours while I run the kids to school. I can almost hear him smile in the dark as I tell him, ‘I’ve got this one.’


I Taped the Game for You and Here’s a Pizza

These words are the icing on the cake to a guy who has just spent the day performing manual labor instead of watching the big game. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting with a pizza and cheering on the best team in the world! Most guys wouldn’t know how to react when first hearing this statement coming from the woman they care for. He might lose his head and promise to fix that leaky faucet…soon.


You’re the Best!

What guy doesn’t want to hear this type of compliment? It’s sure to bring a big ol’ grin to his face. I bet most men wouldn’t mind hearing this at least once a day, if not more. They like to feel appreciated, which is typical for most people. Guys sometimes have to hear how great they are. They don’t always get the little non-verbal hints that women tend to give.


I’m so Lucky to Have You

This short sentence can say so much to a guy. It shows him how happy you are to be with him. It lets him know that he’s greatly appreciated. It also tells him how highly regarded his presence is, since it makes you feel lucky to be with him. Most men will simply smile widely at the comment, while others prefer to agree with you.


I Have Season Tickets to… (insert Favorite Sporting Event Here)

Sporting events and men generally go hand-in-hand. Giving your guy an entire season’s worth of opportunity to cheer on his favorite team from the stands is something to make him cheer about too. If you are in a relationship with a man who doesn’t enjoy sports, then you might have to alter this statement to suit his taste.

Men tend to prefer a statement over a question any day. Try using one of the 7 things he would love to hear you say that I have posted above. You might be surprised by the huge grin you get in return! Hopefully these inspired you to come up with a few of your own. Maybe you already have something that he loves to hear you say. If so, what is it?

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Mr. Me prefers to hear..."I am coming"...as we are in LDR.

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