8 Ways to Spark His Interest on a Date ...


8 Ways to Spark His Interest on a Date ...
8 Ways to Spark His Interest on a Date ...

First dates are like a coin toss. They can go wonderful or they can go terrible. Sometimes, things just don’t click with the other person and that really is not something that you can fix. However, you can make the date more interesting, which will be great if the two of you do click. I am going to give you 8 ways to spark his interest on a date.

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Listen to Him

Guys love it when they have a girl in front of them that is really listening to them. Don’t just listen to them, make sure you join in on the conversation. Don’t let him be the only one that is talking. You have to show interest in him if you want him to be interested in you.


Show up on Time

Sure, sometimes, things come up, but you shouldn’t let anything come up on date night, because this is something that has been planned. Of course, sometimes, things do happen and if it does, call him and let him know that you will be a bit late.


Teach Him Something

Do you know what I find interesting? Sharing knowledge. Perhaps there is something you know that you would like to teach him. Do you know some unique tips on growing flowers? If he is into gardening and the topic has come up, then teach him those tips.


Dress up

Of course, you probably already plan on dressing up. However, when you dress up, don’t be too revealing. Dress is something that goes with the environment you will be in.


Don’t Complain

No one likes to date a complainer, at least, I know I don’t! Complaining does not solve the problem. Therefore, if you really want to win him over on that first date, don’t go complaining. Complaining can be a turn off. If there is something you do not like about your dinner and you want it fixed, then nicely tell the waiter about it – don’t have a big hissy over it.


Order Something Dark Brown

Guys get amazed when their girl “orders like a guy.” If you are not a vegetarian, then don’t be afraid to order a nice, juicy steak.


Turn Your Cell Phone off

Turn your cell phone off right in front of him. This is telling him that you do not want anything to interrupt your date, not even a phone call.


Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

I never like it when someone asks too many questions – even worse – too many personal questions. Never ask them how much money they make.

Those are 8 ways to spark his interest on a first date. If you really like him and you feel that things clicked, then give him a kiss on the cheek before the two of you part. After a week has passed and he has not called you, give him a call, but only do it once. If he is interested, he will call you back. How do you spark your guys interest?

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After seeing the top photo I thought it was going to be sexual, but it was an excellent post:)

once again lady's.... HEED these words. especially the cell phone and food ordering. nothing bugs me more then a "girl" who takes a phone call during dinner. or the fact that your out for dinner and you order a crouton and water.

This is a great time to dress up, put your hair down and put a nice makeup on :)

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