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7 Ways to Woo Him with Your Phone Voice ...

By Melanie

You like him. No correction, you are head over heels for him and you think you might even love them. In return to these feelings, you want to woo him. However, lately, the two of you have only been able to talk on the phone. Perhaps you are in an Internet relationship? Or perhaps there is a vacation involved. Either way, you are looking for 7 ways to woo him with your phone voice and that is exactly what I am going to tell you. Take my word – I used to have to do this and it does work. You can win the guy over on the phone, as long as you have the right voice.

7 Whisper

I believe a whisper can be sexy. This is something that many guys like. So, the next time you are on the phone, try whispering to him. Make sure he knows what you are doing, otherwise, he will tell you to speak up, which will completely ruin the moment.

6 Say Sweet Words

Of course, if you are trying to woo him with your phone voice, you can’t sit there and whisper what you did today in his ear. You have to whisper sweet nothings into the phone. You know you can do it! If you need to, you can always practice what you are going to say.

5 Moan a Little

Now, by this, I don’t mean sit there and moan like you are about to you know what. I mean, as you are whispering, add a gentle moan in there every now and then. Surely, you know what I am talking about. It may take some time to get this just right, so don’t be afraid to practice. Remember, practice makes perfect.

4 Use Your Early Morning Voice

I think the early morning voice is quite sexy, so you should learn how to use it. Even if it is not early morning, the next time the two of you are talking on the phone, try using it.

3 Sing a Soft Song

Hey, singing a song sounds like a good idea, right? If you believe you can sing and he enjoys listening to you, then sing a soft song to him. For an even added effect, it could be something you wrote for him.

2 Avoid a Loud, Immature Voice

I have to add this one in, because I don’t want you to make this mistake. Do not be loud and do not have an immature voice. Most of the guys I know do not like the loud, squeaky immature voice. Most guys like quiet girls – remember that.

1 Tell Him What You Want to do to Him

Last but not least, when you are trying to win him over, go ahead and tell him what you would like to do with him. Tell him what you are going to do with him when the two of you meet again.

There you have 7 ways to woo him with your phone voice. I have done this before and I know you can. So, what tips do you have?

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