10 Ways to Get a Man to Ask You on a Second Date ...

Have you ever been on the perfect first date, with the most gorgeous man, and it goes so well and you go home perfectly content and then... he doesn’t call you back? I’ve spend endless nights analyzing what friends ‘did wrong’ to not get that call back, and sometimes it appears everything went so perfectly well, I have absolutely no idea what went wrong! So what can you do to ensure a second date, and more? Here are my top ten tips!

1. Let Him Be a Man!

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Men like to make the first move. Sure, some might be slow, and some don’t ever get the hint until you make your point really obvious, but he is the man, and usually the men like to be in control. There's no harm in suggesting an idea for the date, but if you think he'd be more comfortable with his pick, go with it. Recent studies show that most failed relationships are initiated by women. I don't know how much truth there is to that but I don't see the harm in letting him take the lead.

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