10 Ways to Ask a Guy out ...


10 Ways to Ask a Guy out ...
10 Ways to Ask a Guy out ...

Are you having one of those dances where the girls ask the guy out? Or do you just know a really great guy that you would like to go out with and are tired of waiting around for him to ask you out? Well, I have came up with 10 ways to ask a guy out. I am going to list some of the not so unique ideas, but I also want to get into unique ways to ask a guy out…

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Scavenger Hunt

I have always liked the idea of a scavenger hunt. With this technique, you would leave the last clue in a note saying “I want you to go out with me” then tell him in the note where to find you. When he comes, hide behind something, then jump out behind him, cover his eyes and say “do you?”


This playful method adds a dash of mystery and fun to the mundane. Imagine the excitement as he pieces together each clue, building anticipation with every step. It's not just about asking him out; it's about creating a memorable experience that starts off with a thrill. After all, who doesn't love a bit of adventure? Just be sure to gauge his interest in games and riddles beforehand to ensure he enjoys the chase as much as the reveal. And when you finally ask, "do you?", his smile will say it all.


Kidnap His Jacket

This one is very cute. Kidnap his jacket and leave a note in it’s place. Make the note something like this “If you ever want to see your jacket again and me, then meet me at this restaurant if you want to go on “a date with me.”


Business Card

On the business card, put “Will you go out with me? If interested, please contact me.” Include your e-mail address and phone number on it.


Which Color?

Send a big envelope filled with balloons. One red, one yellow, one green, one orange, one purple, one white and one black. Add a note saying “Will you go out with me? Send the blue balloon if the answer is no and send the red balloon if the answer is yes.” Yes, I know, there is no blue balloon.


Magazine Style

Find the guys favorite magazine or book that he is reading and put a piece of paper the size of the magazine or book. The paper in there should be slightly sprayed with perfume, then write a biography about you. On the bottom, in darker letters put: “I wonder if (insert his name) wants to go out with me.


Date by an Appointment

This one is great if the guy you like works and schedules people for appointments. Call and make an appointment under another name. Then, show up at his office with some take out. This would be great if you knew what his favorite restaurant was. Ask a guy out this way and you definitely have a date!


And the Winner is

Write a letter to the guy that goes something like this “You won! You are the most eligible bachelor in town, would you be interested in going out with me?” Make sure to enclose your phone number. This is a great and unique way to ask a guy out!


Do You Floss?

Find a dental floss cartridge that is empty. Type or write a letter in thin lines, roll the letter on the spool so that only the beginning will be hanging out.


Send an E-mail

You could always do it the old fashioned (or is that new fashioned?) way and send an e-mail confessing your crush to him and asking him out.


Ask Him if He Has a Girlfriend

When/if he says “no,” then ask him if he wants a girlfriend. If he says sure, ask him if he has anyone in mind. It should end with you asking him out.

You see girls, you should ask a guy out in a way that will stick out in his mind. Gone are the days when we sat around waiting for them to ask us out. In this day and age, we are allowed to ask guys out without getting stared at. Do you like the unique ways to ask a guy out or do you want to stick with the traditional way?

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yea i need help asking this really nice sweet cute extremely hot gut out hep!!!!!!!

I am thinking about asking to borrow his jacket tomorrow cause I 'forgot mine' and write a note in it and give it to him Tuesday. The note might say: 'Will you go out with me?'

This is the dumbest article i've read, u tell your audience to be brave and what not just to have us leave notes, what happened to face to face nervous asking?

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