10 Ways to Get Noticed by Your Crush ...

By Melanie

10 Ways to Get Noticed by Your Crush ...

Having a crush on someone can be hard and frustrating especially when he does not even know that you exist! I think that every girl has felt this way at some point or the other. Have you felt it before? How did it turn out? Did you have any luck? Well, I would like to lend you a helping hand and give you 10 ways to get noticed by your crush...

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Make a Positive Impression

Make a Positive Impression Photo Credit: keli_h (catching up)

In order to get noticed, it is important that you make a positive impression. Agreed that it is easy to say something to goof things up when you are nervous but try your hardest to be on your best behavior. Also, acting silly will get you noticed for sure but for all the wrong reasons. Stay away from the things that will make you look bad and shed some light on yourself. Some positive light!


Make Small Talk with Your Crush

Make Small Talk with Your Crush Photo Credit: ranmanekineko

There is nothing like some small talk tobreak the ice with someone new. Make sure you put yourself in situations where you can make small talk with the one you have a crush on. When you see him or her, then make sure you speak with them. Say something like hello and ask how their day is going. You know, do that simple chit chat. It may not seem like much at the time but it is an important step in getting to know him/her better.


Make Eye Contact

Make Eye Contact Photo Credit: dr_nik

Your eyes are the window to your soul. It is therefore extremely important that you make eye contact and smile while at it. Making eye contact is usually a good way to get someone’s attention and tolet him know you like him. Just remember not to stare!


Be Flirty, but Not Too Flirty

Be Flirty, but Not Too Flirty Photo Credit: Z o O o Z i e

It is perfectly fine to be flirty. However, it is important that you make sure you are not too flirty. Don’t go throwing yourself at the person you have a crush on and certainly do not cling onto them. You don't want him thinking you're easydo ya?


Become Part of Their Circle

Become Part of Their Circle Photo Credit: kampol likitkanjanakul, pop. FASHION STYLIST

What do you think about becoming part of their circle? If you find it hard to become friends with him, pick someone from his circle of friends and get to know them instead. This is usually easier as you won't be as shyand will give you a better chance of getting to know the crush.

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Let Him Know You Are Available

Let Him Know You Are Available Photo Credit: believer9

Of course, it is important to let the crush know that you are available. Speak with one of your friends when he/she is in hearing distance and tell them how you do not have anyone to go to the dance with or something similar. Also, if you have common friends, make sure you tell them. The news is sure to reach him eventually especiallyif he likes you and is trying to find out!


Learn What He Likes

Learn What He Likes Photo Credit: Rune T

In order to get noticed, it is important to learn what he likes and what hishobbies are. When you learn what he likes, if you like it too, then let him known that you enjoy doing it. For example, I like playing video games, I love playing Halo 3 on XBOX Live, so if I had a crush, I would invite him to play it with me. In this case, I will be inviting my husband to play it with me tonight.


Look Good

Look Good Photo Credit: mozzercork

It is always important that you look good. Chances are, if you look your all-time low, all the time, then your crush may not take interest in you. I'm not saying dress like someone you're not but it wouldn't hurt to make an effort. The better you look outside, the more confident you will feel on the inside. Also, look cheerful! You have no idea how much that can help.


Impress Your Crush

Impress Your Crush Photo Credit: mortenprom

Little things can go a long way in impressing him. I personally think this is a great way to make yourself stand out and be noticed.One way to do this is to make the first move. Most guys like a girl who can take control. Just remember to not come on too strong. Stay confident when you talk to him and pick topics that you are comfortable with. A compliment is always a great way to let him know you like something about him and it will melt his heart like silly putty.


Have Fun

Have Fun Photo Credit: mel!nka

Of course, it is important not to forget about yourself. You should make sure you have fun. Show him that you are the fun type of girl. Go out with your friends to places you know he is at andhave fun with them. Just don't land up everywhere or you will look like a stalker.

These are 10 ways to get noticed by your crush. When you are trying to get noticed by the crush, it is important that you do not act shy. You could also ask him for his e-mail address and messenger add so that you can speak to him online. That is what I did! What about you, how do you get noticed? Do you have a problem with shyness? Tell me about it!

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Help!! There's this guy at school who ive crushed for like 2 years and last year we talked a lot:) then i txted him and he called me a creep....what should i do??

Hii! I'm Emily, your average girl with insecurities and boy problems. This is probably going to sound like your average, original, and same old crush problem. Maybe it is, but I'm desperate. Literally. I've tried talking to my friends about it, and all they keep saying is "He obviously likes you!" Before I get to that part, let me tell you the story. About the beginning of this month, I had overcome my fears and began talking to my crush. He spoke back to me, and he always kind of gave me a small smile..I was incredibly happy, just by that small little sign. A few days later, he commented on my status, and began joking around and typing winky faces.. And obviously, I typed them back. Then, he asked for my number. I gave it to him, and he began texting me everyday. He always added those winky faces and smiley faces. It brightened my mood, and I actually thought I had a chance. After about 2 weeks worth of talking, he automatically stopped texting me and talking to me perioid. I felt a bit gloomy, and almost heartbroken. Like, he led me on or something.. I went onto his facebook page, and seen his recent updates. There was a status of him saying how much he liked this girl, and she commented back, and then they starting texting eachother.. And I would always see him texting her when he had time during break. I felt heartbroken.. Maybe a second choice? Just Now, He started texting me again, and he keeps sending me hearts. It puts butterflies in my stomach, and a smile on my face. He sends them non stop, and he makes conversation.. He keeps telling me he has to ask me something, so I should return home soon from my vacation.. What should I do? Does he like me? Please help! ~Emily

Hey I dont usually do this but I just dont know what to do anymore. I will just tell it by a story.. In 8th grade I met this guy I have seen before but didn't talk to him right away we had just one class but over time we got closer together we started talking to eachother and got really close we are like best friends till this present day. In 8th grade I didnt have feeIlings for him but untill the 8th grade end of the year dance he complimented me he told I looked beautiful. We started flirting in class the next week well he did I dont know how to and im I started hanging out went to the movies went to partys started holding hands while dancing party music I felt good being with him my family like him also and 9th grade came by he webt,out with one girl and I was alwats there for him like the best friends we are it turns out the girl was to embarrased to be seen with him and then cheated on him. I got so mad. He was so heartbrocken and I could tell. Over time I helped him in homework in everything I could he alwats did the same he cared for me ask how I am. I had feeling I couldnt hold. He has seen me cry and I havr seen him cry I seen him laugh and smile I love his smile. Hr has came to my house for two years in sing happy birthday with my family in the morning. He always waits for me to walk with him and if my friends is there he is to shy but if he is alone we can talk about anything at all Our story has so much details I can write out but its to long and now we are about to be juniors we are still friends vbest We have talked about everything there i s in this worl eccept for love there was once when he asked me who I liked but I told him a fake person I wasnt ready we are both shy to talk about it. I like him and I have tryed to hard ve the girl for him please help me what should I do. I am confident in everything ecpt for this..