10 Signs Your Crush Likes You ...

You see him across the hall at school, and your heart immediately drops to your stomach! You're instantly in love! You can't stop staring as he sits across the room eating lunch, and you blush if he looks at you during class. I've been there! I know what it's like to be wondering if they like you too! Here are a few signs that may point you in the right direction for an answer!

1. He Gets Jealous of You with Other Guys

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This can only really be detected if he is one of your friends already. But if that's the case, it may mean that he likes you if he finds it hard to watch you with other guys.

2. He Blushes when He's Teased about You

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If you have mutual friends that can "see" what's happening, and like to tease, you can use this to your advantage and see if he blushes when they tease him about you, or tease you about him in front of him. Instead of hushing them, let them tease! It just may be your key to knowledge!

3. He Attempts Conversation

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Has he found a moment to attempt to talk to you? Bumped your books so he'd have the opportunity to pick them up and smile at you? He just might like you!

4. He Laughs with You - He Cries with You

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Even when you tell a corny joke, he laughs. When you're having a bad day, he senses it and tries to help make you feel better. These are sure ways to test a guys feelings for you, since guys aren't good with feelings.

5. He's Nice to You

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While you may think it silly, him just walking up and giving you a piece of candy or something may be his way of saying he likes you. As I said before, guys have a harder time expressing their feelings than we girls do. For us, it is as simple as a smile, a hug, an "I like you" thing, but guys struggle just saying that. Be patient with your boy - they all have to be trained a bit by us women - they can't help it!

6. He Stays Close

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Do you ever feel like he's following you because he "happens to be in the same room at the same time" or he "happens to have to come and pick up the ball that he 'accidentally' kicked your way at lunch break?" You probably have a mutual crusher!

7. You're the First Person He Notices

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At lunch, in the hall, in the classroom, if you're the first girl he notices and acknowledges, he probably thinks of you as more than a "friend" What do you think about that?

8. He Shares Random Info

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If your crush is really into you, he's gonna share more about himself than school stuff. He's gonna tell you about his life and what he want to do later in life. He's gonna be open with you about crazy random things - get used to it - guys are random until they die.

9. He Defends You

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If a guy likes you, he'll stand up in your defense no matter who it's against. He'll look mad if you're getting teased too much, and he may even stand up for you against a teacher. If that boy is willing to go to the principle's office for you, he's definitely crushing on you!

10. He Compliments You

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If he's always telling you that you look good (or hot) and that you smell nice - that he loves your outfit, or likes what you done with your hair, he likes you. Guys notice the way that a girl dresses and looks only if they are attracted to that girl in some way. So, compliments are never a bad thing! (Even if your head does swell a bit over it!)

Young love is something most special and exciting! What do you think about this article? Did it help you?

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