7 Signs You're Dating Him for His Looks ...


7 Signs You're Dating Him for His Looks ...
7 Signs You're Dating Him for His Looks ...

When you first met your boyfriend, there’s no doubt you were probably dating him for his looks. Let’s face it, looks do matter in a relationship but for any relationship to work, they shouldn’t be the only thing that matters. Save your heartache and dump him now if any of the following rings true.

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The First Thing You Notice Are His Eyes and Not His Heart

When you see him are you still only mesmerized by his startling blue eyes? If so, then in all likelihood you’re dating him for his looks. Usually after a few months of dating, the sexy eyes factor is replaced by his loving nature or sense of humor as his number 1 attraction. So if you’re still captivated by his eyes, ask yourself if you like anything else about him.


You Fell in Love with Him 30 Seconds after You Met Him

No matter what you see in the movies, it is just not possible to fall in love at first sight. If you think you did, you probably fell in ‘lust’. He was hot as heck and you found yourself irresistibly drawn to him. You need a few dates to get to know the guy and only after that can you truly fall in love. So wake up and stop with the goo goo eyes.


You Love Taking Him to Meet Your Friends

If you like to show him off more than you like to actually see him then you’re totally dating him for his looks. If you find yourself accepting dates only when they involve going out with other people or attending a wedding. Chances are you really don’t like spending that much time with him.


You Don’t Know the Names of His Immediate Family

After a few months of dating, you should know a little about your boyfriend’s family – at least their names. If the two of you have not yet gotten down to talking about the other important people in your lives, you probably aren’t that important to each other.


When You Get Promoted, He is Not One of the First Three People You Call

If something fabulous happens or alternatively something devastating happens, if he is not the first guy you call, then you’re probably dating him for his looks. Sharing and caring during the good times and bad is what being together is actually about. So if he’s not on your speed dial, its time to delete his number.


You Find Yourself Rarely Going out on One on One Dates Together

If the thought of going for a romantic holiday or even dinner with just him bores you to death then you really shouldn’t be dating him. You are probably just hanging on to the relationship because having him on your arm goes really well with your Gucci shoes.


You Don’t Laugh Much Together

Relationships should be mostly about having fun together. Think about the last time you had a good laugh with him. If you can’t remember it, then obviously you don’t really have much fun together. Call it a day on this thing so that you can find your real Mr. Right.

As much fun as it seems, if you are dating him for his looks, you’re going to get bored very soon. So pick up on the signs and make a hasty exit. Who knows, your real soul mate could be just around the corner.

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love at first sight is shallow. no offence to anyone who thinks thats romantic but if you fell in love with him 30 seconds after you met him you're dating him for his looks.

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