8 Signs a Friendship Has Run Its Course ...


8 Signs a Friendship Has Run Its Course ...
8 Signs a Friendship Has Run Its Course ...

Strange as it may seem, I believe it can actually be harder to end a friendship than it is to end a relationship. Somehow we are conditioned to admit that some relationships are not meant to last, and yet find it almost impossible to view a friendship in the same way. However, sometimes it’s better for us, or even for both parties, to accept that a friendship has run its course. Here’s how you can know when that time has come.

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Are you always the one who makes the calls, arranges to meet up, and suggests outings? That can get pretty tiring. If all the effort is on your side – or indeed if you are the one who never makes contact – perhaps it’s time to ask yourself if this is really an equal friendship.


It's vital to recognize that reciprocal effort is the foundation for any strong relationship. If you find yourself constantly reaching out and receiving little to no initiative in return, it may be reflecting an imbalance that is hard to ignore. Relationships thrive on give-and-take, and when that dynamic shifts heavily to one side, it can leave you feeling underappreciated and emotionally drained. True friendship should be a two-way street, where both parties are eager to invest time and energy. If you're perpetually on the giving end, it's worth pondering if the connection is truly beneficial to your well-being.



Then there are some ‘friends’ who have an even more one-sided view of the concept. In other words, they are flat-out users. They’re always coming to you when they need money, or have a problem, but you never see them at any other time. And they certainly aren’t anywhere to be seen if you’re the one who needs help.


These so-called friends leave you feeling more like a convenience than a cherished companion. You may start to notice a pattern where they only reach out with a stream of requests or sob stories, yet your inbox remains eerily quiet the moment life's tide turns in your favor. This lopsided dynamic can leave you drained and questioning the very foundation of the relationship, prompting a silent acknowledgement that perhaps this friendship is serving more to deplete than enrich your life.


No Reason

Have you ever wondered why you are friends with someone? Even if a friend isn’t the kind of person that you can call on in an emergency, they can still be worth keeping in your life. Perhaps it’s not a deep friendship, but they’re good company and you enjoy meeting up. However, if the negative outweighs the positive, and you can’t think of a good reason to stay in contact with them, then the friendship might just have expired.


It's natural for friendships to ebb and flow, but when you struggle to find a purpose for staying connected, it's time to reassess. Often, people drift apart simply because they no longer share common interests or life paths. While every relationship doesn't need to be steeped in intensity or significance, a sense of mutual benefit and positivity is key. If interactions leave you drained or questioning the value the other person brings into your life, then it might be a clear indicator that the friendship doesn't serve you anymore.


Nothing in Common

Maybe you became friendly because you have children of a similar age who liked to play together. That doesn’t mean that you, as their parents, are really going to get on. If it’s more a question of convenience, and you really have nothing in common, the friendship may not be that meaningful.



Constructive criticism is one thing – I for one appreciate my friends giving me their honest opinion, rather than telling me what I want to hear – but there are limits. Some people take it upon themselves to tell you everything that (in their eyes) is ‘wrong’ with you. This can be because undermining you makes them feel better about themselves. Friends don’t do this.


It's all about balance. True friends strive for a middle ground where they support each other with kindness rather than resorting to relentless criticism. If encounters leave you feeling belittled or constantly under scrutiny for your choices, behaviors, or personality, it may not simply be a case of someone being overly forthright. Rather, it's a red flag that the respect and nurture that are fundamental to a genuine friendship are waning. Remember, your self-worth should never be chipped away by the people who are supposed to bolster it.

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Not Fun

Have you ever had one of those friends who makes your heart sink every time they ring, because you know that they will spend hours complaining? Or who ruins every evening out because they get in a bad mood, want their own way, or drink too much? If a friend always depresses you, get rid of them.


Similarly, it's crucial to pay attention to how much joy, or lack thereof, a friend brings into your life. A friendship should be a source of support and happiness, not a perpetual drain on your emotional well-being. If your catch-ups seem to have more cons than pros, leaving you regularly void of energy or feeling worse than before, it may be time for a serious chat or even a goodbye. Never underestimate the importance of protecting your own mental health. After all, life is too short to be spent in the company of those who don't uplift you.



And then there’s the friend who’s just a little to close to ‘Single White Female’. Maybe not to the extent of imitating you, but who wants to monopolise your time because they have no other friends, or who gets jealous of you spending time with other friends. Who wants a limpet hanging around?


This type of friend can leave you feeling emotionally drained, as they often require constant reassurance and attention. It's healthy to have a circle of friends, but when someone relies exclusively on you for their social wellbeing, balancing that dependency with your need for personal space becomes a challenge. And if their clinginess turns into possessive behavior whenever you make plans without them, it's a clear signal that boundaries have been crossed. Remember, it’s important to nurture a friendship, but it’s also critical to maintain your own individuality and freedom.


Little Contact

With a true friend, even if you don’t speak or meet up very often, it doesn’t matter. When you see each other, it’s like no time has passed. You know who these people are. However, if someone who you rarely hear from doesn’t fall into this category, it really is rather pointless staying in touch. Time to call it a day.

Which of these friends have you had to let loose? Have you ever dumped, or been dumped by a friend, and was it hard telling them? Do you have any advice on how to let a friend down easy? Please share!

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when you don't do anything and your friend of 20 years dumps you out of the blue, that's just stupid. don't waste time on these people, as they are not worth it.

i have a friend who i used to get along with. now she is rude and expects all my attention. we live next door how cani dump her without making it forever akward?

Oh yes i dumped a friend,she was actually my best friend..who was always complaining.i heard from here when things were not going well,eventually i confronted her about it and she didn't want to talk about it (bloody COWARD).

I always try not to be too close with users and free loaders

IT's a pity that some friends have to change this way .. I hate having new friends each period and losing them again .

I have this one friend. I've known her for 5 years now since grade 7. I came into her life at a pretty tough time. At first I loved just having someone there until I realized the negativity and darkness was more than just a point in her life. She's grown out of her darkness, mostly. But she's so negative about everything and my parents have noticed that I've changed and people I rarely talk to tell me I'm not as light and optimistic as I used to be either. Recently I've been going through things and this friend has offered her support but when I've gone to her in the past for advice and support she says she doesn't know what to do and then swings the conversation around to be about her and how her life sucks. And yet I feel like I've been a horrible friend. I avoid going out and doing things with her because of her constant negativity. I've told her and she just shrugs and engages in a pity party. I just feel so guilty but I can't be around such negativity. And she's gotten clingy. I took a spare so I could deal with the stress in my life (and to have time to myself) and she ended up dropping two courses and then complains about how bored she is and how her life sucks during our spare together. I don't know how to tell her I can't do this anymore. She even threatened this other girl I began hanging out with last year saying that there was only room for one best friend in my life. I don't know what to do and I'm scared and worried. Am I in the wrong? Or, how can I get the message across that I've been pulling away for a while now and really don't want to be friends anymore? (Note: we go to school together so a big blow out would just cause mutual friends to pick sides even if I begged them not too. I'm trying to avoid this)

I have some trouble with my best friend and reading this makes me upset but it's not the article itself it's that the relationship has gotten worst

#1,2 and 8 are essentially all the same. There has to be a mutual amount of give and take in a relationship unless its been established that is not what both parties want ie. someone to talk to / someone to give advice to sort of balance. There is always using and taking gong on and making sure there is a 50/50 balance is a requirement for any relationship be it intimate or otherwise.

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