8 Signs It's Time to Find a New BFF ...

Ever had a friend you though was a keeper and they turned out to be a backstabber? I know I have! And as much as it hurts, and as much as I wanted to believe it was a total shock to me when it happened, the truth is there are almost always signs that something isn't right. While sometimes it could just be because you had a fight and there are hurt feelings, more often than not these signs are pointing towards the obvious — it's time to find a new BFF.

1. She's Never Free to Hang out

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Every time you try to make plans to get together with her or try to do something together she's "busy" or has other plans. While it's true that every person has a schedule to plan around, when it comes to your friends they should BE a part of your schedule. If your BFF can't seem to fit you in for an afternoon lunch or a Saturday shopping trip, you need to ask yourself why.

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