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10 Signs That Your Friend Really is Your Best Friend ...

By Melanie

You have a friend that is always hanging around you. You do a lot of things together and you are starting to think of her as more than your friend. Maybe your best friend. There is a lot of confusion between the difference between friends and best friends. How do you know when to call your friend your best friend? Let me help you out a little by giving you 10 signs that your friend really is your best friend…

Table of contents:

  1. she likes spending time with you
  2. you share secrets
  3. you share makeup tips
  4. you watch movies together
  5. you feel sad when she’s sad
  6. it feels like she’s your sister
  7. you love laughing together
  8. she has never stolen a boyfriend from you
  9. you don’t date a guy when you know she likes him
  10. you love going shopping together

10 She Likes Spending Time with You

Photo Credit: ToniVC

Of course, friends enjoy spending time together, but when friends love spending countless hours with you without ever seeming annoyed, then they might just be your best friend. However, if she ever looks annoying by your appearance, then she may just be a friend.

9 You Share Secrets

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You have deep dark secrets. Everyone does. Who you share those deep dark secrets with is completely up to you. You choose who you share certain secrets with wisely, because you don’t want them coming around and kicking you down. So, lately, you have felt as if you could tell your friend anything and everything. Yes, even your deep, dark secrets.

8 You Share Makeup Tips

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Girls usually don’t tell their friends their makeup secrets. How do you make your lips bigger? However, if you tell your best friend every makeup tip in the book in hopes to help her feel good about herself, then you may have a best friend.

7 You Watch Movies Together

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Yes, I know friends watch movies together, but what are you doing every Friday? If in some way, shape or form, every Friday, the two of you are sitting down, watching a movie together and eating some popcorn, then you two may be B.F.F.

6 You Feel Sad when She’s Sad

When a friends sad, you feel sorry for them. However, when a best friend is sad, it is almost as if the two of you are linked together. When she cries, it makes you want to cry. Do the two of you have this bond together?

5 It Feels like She’s Your Sister

Photo Credit: Lou O' Bedlam

Do you know that bond that close siblings have a tendency to have? Well, you feel that close to your friend. You feel as if your best friend is really a close sister and you sometimes may even refer to her as being your sister.

4 You Love Laughing Together

The two of you enjoy doing a lot of things together. However, lately, it seems as if she has been really cracking you up a lot lately. When she is around, you feel like you are constantly laughing and you love it!

3 She Has Never Stolen a Boyfriend from You

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Face it, some girls will still your boyfriend right out of your hands. Those are not best friends. They’re maybe not even your friends.

2 You Don’t Date a Guy when You Know She Likes Him

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If a girl knows you like a guy, if she is your best friend, then she is not going to lay any type of claim on him. The guy you like is off limits.

1 You Love Going Shopping Together

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Yes, girls love going shopping together, but things with her are different. The two of you not only shop together, but you have a blast shopping together.

Those are ten ingredients of a best friend. So, what do you think? Is the girl in your life your friend or your best friend? Do you have any of these signs?

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