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7 Ways to Know You Don't like Him ...

By Fawn

I don't know about you, ladies, but there have been a couple of times in my life when I was with the perfect guy... perfect on paper, at least, and no matter how long it lasted, it always seemed to end in the same place. Maybe it's because we had different goals, maybe we wanted to see other people. Or maybe, I just wasn't that into him. It's not fair to anyone to keep someone around when you don't want them. Here are the signs that you really don't.

1 You Make Excuses Not to See Him

You Make Excuses Not to See HimPhoto Credit: Forgotten memory..

You're sitting at home and you get a text, "Come see me :)" or something along those lines. Even though you've got nothing going on, even though you haven't changed into your pj's and there isn't a thing on TV, your first response is why you can't. Even if it's a little white lie. That is the first sign that this is not the guy for you. Because if you don't want to see him when you have time, chances are you aren't going to make time.

2 You Don’t Want to Introduce Him to the Important People in Your Life

You Don’t Want to Introduce Him to the Important People in Your LifePhoto Credit: margrett:)

Friends and family are important. If you don't want your guy to meet them, either you don't see him sticking around, or their opinions about him don't matter since you've already made your mind up about him. If this is the case you should probably let go now.

3 You Don’t Miss Him

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It's been a week and he's been swamped with work and so have you. Neither of you has had time for a shower, let alone a quick coffee date. And although he's telling you how much he misses seeing you, you don't really miss him at all. If you don't miss him, let him go. You're not going to miss him once he's out of your life if you don't miss him when he's just making spaced out appearances in it.

4 You Don’t Care if He Sees Other People

You Don’t Care if He Sees Other PeoplePhoto Credit: lkvy

This is a sign that seems to glowing and neon that you'd think anyone would know it. But the truth is, a lot of women don't. If you don't care that he's seeing other people, you don't care if he's into you, because you're not into him. When you like him, you'll want him to just see you because you're special enough for all of his attention.

5 You Want to See Other People

You Want to See Other PeoplePhoto Credit: Sion Fullana (iPhoneographer in NYC)

Another bright yellow, flashing, neon sign. If you feel your eye wandering to other people, the guy you're with is not that special someone for you. If you like him, your eye will be on him. When you don't, your eyes will find their way to what you think is the next best thing. Let's just hope you like that guy a little bit more!

6 You Pick Fights

You Pick FightsPhoto Credit: Noella Choi

Everything he does annoys you... EVERYTHING. He leaves the seat up at your house and it's a fight. He tries to pay for your meal when you're out to lunch and it's a fight. When everything he does makes your blood boil, he's probably isn't the guy for you. He's just a thorn in your side. So pull it out and don't brush up against anymore rose bushes.

7 You’re Never in the Mood… EVER

It doesn't matter if it's sex or a kiss, when your guy goes in for it a lot and you just don't want to go for it right back, something is up. Either your styles are too different or you're just not as into him as you think. Either way, both have the potential to mess things up for you.

Well ladies hopefully you don't need these tips because you really do like your fellah. But, if not, then hopefully these signs have shed some light and you feel a little better about ending things. Just remember, you should enjoy your relationships, not feel trapped by them. Do any of you ladies have some signs you'd put on the list? Let me know down below!

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