7 Signs He's Husband Material ...


7 Signs He's Husband Material ...
7 Signs He's Husband Material ...

Whether you’ve been dating for a month or a year, if it’s going well with your guy, chances are, you’ve wondered at least once or twice whether he might be marriage-worthy. Aside from imagining how attractive he might be when he’s older, or what his financial prospects might be, if you’re giving it serious though, here are 7 signs he’s husband material…

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He’s Honest

He’s Honest Photo Credit: MEGA meesh

I can’t stress enough how important this is! You absolutely have to trust the man you’ll marry, so if he’s been less than honest with you, he’s NOT marriage material! Really, if he’s lied or cheated now, why would he keep his most important promise, to love and cherish you? On the other hand, if he’s honest and straightforward, and he makes it a point to keep his promises, then he gets a check for this one…


He’s Not a Slacker

He’s Not a Slacker Photo Credit: AGCS Marketing

It’s Saturday afternoon, and where is your man? Is he still sleeping off the drinks with his friends last night in his mother’s basement surrounded by a pile of laundry and a list of urgent tasks? If he’s a slacker now, that’s not going to change… and who wants to be married to a slob?


He’s Not Commitment-phobic

He’s Not Commitment-phobic Photo Credit: My Life's Moments

If it took his three years of solid exclusive dating for him to consider calling you his girlfriend, and if he still winces each time he hears of someone he knows getting married, then chances are, he’s a commitment-phobe, and would be horrible husband material! But if he’s not at all hesitant introducing you as his one and only, he gets a check for this one, too.


He Treats You with Respect

He Treats You with Respect Photo Credit: {SNS Photography}

If your man belittles you, or has little respect for your time, he probably doesn’t have a lot of respect for you. And a man who doesn’t respect you sure isn’t going to change once you’re wed… I’d seriously consider whether or not he respects you, before thinking of him as a long-term mate, or a husband…


He Has His Act Together

He Has His Act Together Photo Credit: Lou_Tickle

He’s smart, lives on his own, knows how to cook, has a steady job, is reliable, volunteers once a month at a local animal shelter… he’s got his act together! Proceed! But… if he’s still living with his parents, has legal or financial troubles, isn’t working or going to school, and constantly seems to be down on his luck, give it some more thought…


Your Friends and Family like Him

Your Friends and Family like Him Photo Credit: mark sebastian

If your sister, bestie, mother, and everyone else who loves you adore him, then he must be something! If they hate him though, I’d take a closer look at why. The people who love you most only want what’s best for you, so if they have valid reasons for disliking him, give them a fair listen.


You Agree on Important Things

You Agree on Important Things Photo Credit: LeighTaylor

Do you both want children, a house in the country, and a retirement somewhere warm? Do you both agree on how to spend money? If you do agree on children, family, jobs, and money, then he might just be wonderful husband material. If you have big disagreements on any of these things, think again…

If your man matches all of these, with extra points, then feel free to daydream of your wedding all you like! But if not, be careful of any proposal, at least until he moves out of his mother’s basement, and shows some motivation… do you have any other ways to tell if a boyfriend is husband material? Please let me know…

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Great article! I think I found a keeper :)

Cool post. I just passed it on to the single girls in the family....and some of the single guys....

Nice post. I have circulated it to my maiden dears.

i think really considering if he would be a good parent. it's also because that tells u if he would be a good and caring husband.

Oh slackers are the worst. Can't even tolerate that when it comes to guys who are just friends.

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