8 Signs You Are a High Maintenance Girlfriend ...


8 Signs You Are a High Maintenance Girlfriend ...
8 Signs You Are a High Maintenance Girlfriend ...

You probably do not want to be a high maintenance girlfriend or you do not mean to be. So, let’s read 8 signs you are a high maintenance girlfriend. If you decide that you are, then it is up to you to change it.

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Expensive Jewelry

Expensive jewelry are not surprises. No, not for a high maintenance girlfriend. For a high maintenance girlfriend, expensive jewelry would be a requirement.


Your Car

If you do not have a top of the line car, you will get dirty looks from the girlfriend if she is high maintenance – this is definitely one of those warning signs to watch out for.


Refuses to Drink Water from Tap

Even if it were the last thing on earth, she would not drink that tap water – nope, not that high maintenance girl. Oh and for all of you who say it’s gross drinking from tap. I’m sorry – I need to clarify that I am talking about filtered tap water.



Hats Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

I’m not talking about those sports caps – I am talking about those hats with the big old brim – those high dollar hats. Nothing will scream a high maintenance girlfriend faster than a designer hat wearing girlfriend. Well, at least, that’s what a friend told me. I’m not talking about those girls wearing these hats every now and then – I am talking about those girls that have to wear them every day.


You Hate All Your Boyfriends Friends

Why do you hate them all? You hate them because they are all lame and most of all, because you are high maintenance and high maintenance girls tend to be on the b*tchy side. Right? High maintenance girls do no get along very well with others.


You’re Late a Lot

I am not talking fashionably late, I am talking real late. Why are you late a lot? Simply because you were in the bathroom in front of the mirror for so long getting ready – yet, you still look the same as you do any other day of the week. You have high maintenance written all over you and I’m sorry.


No Conversation Starter

No Conversation Starter Image source: picturepush.com

You forgot how to start a conversation without complaining about something. High maintenance girls tend to complain about a lot of things. It’s either too hot or too cold. The food is never right and the person next to you is never pleasing you.


You down the Guy in Your Life

When the guy comes home and announces some good news, such as getting a raise today – a high maintenance girlfriend will go on and complain that it’s just great, because now, he will never leave jobs.

You are a high maintenance girl if my blog posting has upset you in any way, shape or form. Face it, the truth always seems to upset people, especially those high maintenance girls. It’s okay, because I look forward to hearing your comments as you are throwing tomatoes at this blog – try not to get your screen too messy. Smiles. So, what about you girls that aren’t high maintenance, can you add to this list?

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Those are some great tips and so true.

It doesn't make you high maintenance just because you take a long time on your hair and makeup. I don't think it's fair to pin that on every girl who takes too much time on her hair and makeup. Yes, we could probably manage our time better, but it's a bit over the top to call us 'high maintenance girlfriends', eh<

Hmmmm...probably I am not high maintenance girlfriend.

oh no! I'm always late because I take too much time putting on make up and fixing my hair.. so I'm a high maintenance girlfriend then?

I would think that "helpless" girls are high maintenance, period. Some girls expect to have everything done for them, because they "can't" figure it out, or "can't" do it themselves.

I disagree about the hats, I don't wear hats but I need to get a big brim one like that... not because I like them, but because my skin burns easily even with sunscreen. I don't think skin protection should be considered a sign of high maintenance though? :)y

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