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8 Things He's Thinking when You Say It's over ...

By Melanie

Okay, you have recently told him it is over or you are thinking about telling him it is over, because you have had enough and enough is enough. Have I at least come close to the picture? So, when you tell him it is over, there are some things you are wondering. For starters, you will wonder what he is thinking when you say it’s over. Am I right? Right now, I am going to give you 8 things he’s thinking when you say it’s over.

8 She’s Doing This Because I Don’t Make Enough Money

If it is a known fact that the guy is not making much money and has a low end job, then this may be a thought that goes through his mind. This is especially true if you have recently had the “money” discussion with him.

7 There’s Another Guy in Her Life

I think this is one of the first things that goes through a guys minds when the girl breaks up with him. I mean, everything seemed perfect, there are no other things he can think of, so he is going to think there is another guy in your life.

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6 I’m Not Good Enough for Her

This is a sad one in my book, but guys do think this. Those that think this tend to have a hard time dating, because they have it in their mind that they are not good enough. Then again, they may be thinking they are not good enough simply because the girl was too demanding.

5 Oh, I Saw This Coming

If you have been having a great deal of arguments and silent treatments, then this may be one of the thoughts that goes through his head. After all of those arguments and being kicked out of the bedroom, he saw it coming.

4 She Must Know I’m Cheating

This is a horrible one, but if he is cheating (without you knowing it), this is one of the thoughts that will go through his mind. Of course, for the sake of him, he will more than likely admit defeat and quietly pack his bags without even mentioning cheating. If you don’t mention it, then he’s not going to mention it.

3 She Beat Me to It

He has been wanting to do this for so long and finally, you did it. You beat him to it. If he has been wanting to break up with you, this is one of the things that may pop up in his mind.

2 She Hates My Friends

This is true if you recently held out with his friends and then decided to break up with him. He may think his friends said something or told on him for something.

1 Time for a New Girlfriend

Oh yes, last but not least, it is time for a new girlfriend. There’s other fish in the sea. Girls, they love you, then they leave you – they can’t make up their mind. Surely, some guys do think this.

So, there you have 8 things he’s thinking when you say it’s over. In your opinion, what do you think the last guy you dumped was saying?

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