8 Signs He's about to Dump You ...


8 Signs He's about to Dump You ...
8 Signs He's about to Dump You ...

No one wants to think about the possibility that a breakup is about to happen, especially when the break up is between you and your current beau. Do you feel your man is acting a bit strange at times? Take a look at these 8 signs he’s about to dump you and see if any of them ring a bell. I’m not saying that all of these pertain to every guy about to break up with his girlfriend, but they are very common.

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He Spends More Time Away from You

Do you feel like you never see him anymore? If you call him, can you hear lots of background noise that signifies he’s hanging out some place fun without you? When a guy starts spending more time hanging out with the guys and less time with you, then this could be a sign a breakup is in progress.


He's Started Avoiding Sex with You

Sometimes guys go through a difficulty and don’t want to share their problems with their girlfriend. This doesn’t always mean they are about to dump their girlfriend, but it does put at least some doubt in the girl’s head. A lot of times these problems can put strain on a guy’s sex life. If you’ve noticed a slow decrease in sex, then you might try talking to him and see what you can find out.


He's Becoming Less Affectionate

If he hasn’t flat out started avoiding sex with you, then he possibly has started being less affectionate; doesn’t hold hands in public anymore, shies away from your touch, removes your hand from his arm or thigh when you place it there, or kissing you on the forehead when he leaves. Any of these are signs that something is amiss, unless your man has always acted this way. Not all guys are lovey-dovey with their girl.


He Asked for His House Key Back or Gave You Back Yours

You should know a breakup is about to happen if your guy blatantly asks you for your key to his place or gives you yours back without so much as an explanation. Another clue would be if he offers a lame excuse when asking for your key to be returned to him. There’s nothing more suspicious than a lame excuse.


Breakups are never easy, and it can be difficult to tell when a relationship is about to end. If your guy is asking for his house key back or giving you your key back without an explanation, it's a pretty clear sign that he's about to break up with you. He may also offer a lame excuse when asking for your key back—this is a red flag that he's not being honest with you about why he's ending the relationship.

Other signs that a breakup is imminent include sudden lack of communication, not wanting to spend time together, or avoiding physical contact. If he's suddenly distant or uninterested, it could be a sign that he's planning to end things. He may also make excuses for not wanting to spend time together, such as being too busy with work or other commitments.

If he's avoiding physical contact, this could be a sign that he's no longer interested in the relationship. He may also be avoiding physical contact because he's afraid of his own feelings. He may be trying to distance himself from the relationship in order to make it easier to end things.


He's Started Leaving the Room Every Time His Phone Rings

Not only is this a sign that he might be about to dump you, but it also tends to mean he’s possibly in the process of replacing you at the same time. Secretive phone calls and texts are never a good sign, unless your birthday is around the corner. If you confront him about this behavior and he acts flustered, then this could be a good sign that something is up.


He's Always Busy

This is where the random excuses fall in to play: whenever you try to make arrangements to be with him. He has errands to run, he has a friend he has to see, he has to work late, or he has to be somewhere else or doing something else no matter when you ask him if he wants to do something together.


He Makes Excuses Not to Go out on a Date

When was the last time you two went out on a date? Does he make excuses as to why he can’t take you out? Lack of money? Lack of time? If he spends week after week ditching your plans to go out on a date, then this is rarely a sign of a relationship that has a happy ending.


He's Quit Calling

When you stop getting phone calls all together, then this usually means the end of a relationship is near. If he lost his phone or had to change his number, then he’d stop by and let you know. Not hearing a peep out of him generally is a very sure sign of being dumped.

These are common signs displayed by guys. They are horrible, but very real. I hope the 8 signs he’s about to dump you that I’ve listed above aren’t showing up in your current relationship. Have you ever noticed any other types of signs that a relationship is about to end?

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i tried to convince him ,lets work it out..he said he cant do it anymore..he doesnt know what he wants right now.... then i stopped contacting him .. last night he texted me he is going to some other town... i really dont understand what is going on and what to do

ouch........but i have no idea........luckily i've never been dumped.

this could also go for 8 signs She is Dumping you. lol

He starts picking at you and being critical..Also, he starts mentioning another woman alot or comparing you to others.

A definite sign is when he buys you a ticket to go out of town to see your parents, and It's a one way ticket.

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