8 Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble ...


8 Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble ...
8 Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble ...

When things are going right between you and your partner, you feel it. When you are happy, you support one another. You talk and think about each other in positive ways when you are not together. When things are not going all that well, you are able to feel that as well. Below, I am going to give you 8 signs your relationship is in trouble. What you decide to do once you discover your relationship is in trouble is fully up to you.

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Your Partner Looks Terrified Whenever You Have the “where Are We Headed” Talk

Your Partner Looks Terrified Whenever You Have the “where Are We Headed” Talk Photo Credit: JoLoLog

It is fair to request some clarity as to where the relationship is heading from time to time. You do not want to put too much pressure on your partner, but there is nothing wrong with asking where the two of you stand. If your partner starts to get defensive and freaks out whenever this subject comes up, then he or she may not be into it for a long-term relationship as much as you are.


One of You Are Constantly Demanding to Be the Center of Attention in the Relationship

One of You Are Constantly Demanding to Be the Center of Attention in the Relationship Photo Credit: Picklepud

A relationship is made of two individuals that are balanced. If your partner has started to demand too much attention, is ordering you around and insists that it is always his/her way, then it may be a problem.


There is Too Much Focus on What’s Wrong

There is Too Much Focus on What’s Wrong Photo Credit: Shirla (super busy)

In the relationship, there is too much focus on what is wrong in the relationship and not what is right. When the two of you talk about how things are going in your relationship, do all of the wrong things come up? I am not saying that you should not address those obstacles, but sometimes, it is important that you focus on the good things in the relationship.


Conflict is Permanent in the Relationship

Conflict is Permanent in the Relationship Photo Credit: jovivebo

There is nothing wrong with arguing. Couples argue. Every couple does. Conflict, when one handles it in a respectful way, can be good. However, if you feel that you and your partner are arguing too much, then that is when it becomes a problem.


Lack of Trust

Lack of Trust Photo Credit: dau ·

In order for a relationship to work out, there has to be a lot of trust. Both people need to know that they do not have to worry about what the other person is up to. If you find yourself wondering all the time if the other is being true or not, then there is not a lot of trust there.


Not Spending as Much Time Together

Not Spending as Much Time Together Photo Credit: andaria

When the two of you first hooked up, you felt as if you could not get enough of each other. Now, you feel as if you have too much of one another. Spending time together now seems like a chore. It is no longer something you wish to do.


Constant Criticism

Constant Criticism Photo Credit: the half-blood prince

Constant criticism can be a big sign that the relationship is not headed in the right direction. It can really wear a good relationship down. It is important to avoid making certain types of jokes. Criticism is generally a sign of underlying anger.


The Look in the Eyes

The Look in the Eyes Photo Credit: bex finch

When you look in your partners eyes and you do not see “that look” that you once saw, then your relationship may be in trouble. Sometimes, you can just tell if something is wrong by looking into the other’s eyes.

In the end, when you are experiencing frequent problems, sometimes, it is best just to be friends. When push comes to shove, a break up may be needed. It is better than making each other feel bad. What about you, do you think you are in a bad relationship? Is that why you are here?

Top Photo Credit: llulu

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Concentrating on what's wrong with the relationship is what's happening with me right now. Also, constant conflict. Maybe, I should be putting more thought into my relationship.

I'm here because I suffer from depression and anxiety (have since before my relationship), I don't have much in my life at the moment and the biggest thing I worry about is my relationship. I worry that we're not close enough and I worry about losing it because I love him more than anything. I guess I'm pretty needy. I just want to be healthy and not worry.

They always say hindsight is 20/20 it's amazing how these rules follow "long term relationships" as well as newly started ones.

for me personally, it's when i stop caring. it's like everything he does that even use to annoy me or whatever goes over my head. you just find yourself numb to things and i think that's one of the biggest signs. but then again ... that's just me lol

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