10 Signs That Love is in the Air ...


10 Signs That Love is in the Air ...
10 Signs That Love is in the Air ...

Spring is in the air and love just might be in the air too! So, how do you tell if the guy or girl that you have been seeing is in love with you? I know that this can be hard to do, because people give so many mixed signals. Below, I am going to give you 10 signs that love is in the air…

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He is Interested in Your Love

He is always asking about your friends, your family and your job. Even if he does not tell you everything, he insists on finding out more about you.


your life. His curiosity about your day-to-day activities and the people you care about suggests that he values you and wants to understand your world better. It isn't just small talk; when you speak, you can tell he's genuinely listening, remembering the little details you've mentioned and bringing them up in later conversations. His interest signifies that he cares deeply and is possibly picturing a life with you that includes all those close to your heart.


He Knows How to Make You Smile

The guy you are dating knows how to make you smile so that you feel special. He’s the type that can come along on your darkest day and really cheer you up. He tells you everything you need to hear.


He’s Very Thoughtful, Sweet and Sensitive about Your Feelings

Every time you are together, he is careful at the way you feel. He tried his best to find out what you like.


He Rings Your Phone without a Reason

Does your phone ring with his voice at the other end and he has no reasons. Hey, “I just called to say I love you…” He does not ask you what you are doing or who you are with during that call. You can feel from the sound of his voice that he called you because he is missing you and not because he is jealous, mostly he's using his phone as a chat line for him to have a small conversation with you.


He Would like to Spend More Time with You

He dedicates every free moment he has to you. During this time, the two of you share a lot of laughs and have fun together. He always tries to arrange his schedule so that he can spend more time with you.


When You Talk, He Looks into Your Eyes

This is definitely a sign that he is falling in love with you. When he looks into your eyes, you know that he is giving you his full attention. Obviously, this is not needed for every single conversation you have, especially if he is driving. Whenever you have a heart to heart discussion, he’s staring into the window of your soul.


soul, a gesture that speaks volumes about his feelings for you. Deep eye contact can create an intimate connection that transcends words, a clear indicator that his thoughts are centered on you and the bond you share. His unwavering gaze is a romantic tell-tale that echoes his innermost affections, reaffirming that you're truly significant to him. It's as if in those moments, the world fades away, and all that matters is the silent conversation happening between your hearts.


He Would like to Know More about You

If he asks you about your dreams, your desires, your past, your wants, your needs, what you love, how you feel inspired or anything about you that relates to your thoughts, then you can count on him falling in love with you. This is a good sign.


He Gives You Lots of Cuddles and Caresses

Touch is more important to some people than it is to others, those casual touches are not necessarily sexual, but they are definitely signs that he is letting you know that he is in love with you. If he would like to hold your hand while you walk together, then that is a sure sign.


When You Have a Bad Day, He Can Comfort You

This is an important indicator in any relationship. If you feel that you can turn to him whenever those times are tough and you know that he is going to give you the comfort you need in order to feel better, then the guy really does love you.


He Gives You Good Presents

By presents, I do not mean expensive things. I mean the simple things, such as a homemade card, a wildflower he picked on the side of the road or a simple email. He gives you gifts that actually means something.

As you see, there are many signs that love is in the air. These are signs that you should look for in any relationship. So, does your relationship show these signs?

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