10 Ways to Make Him Feel Loved ...


10 Ways to Make Him Feel Loved ...
10 Ways to Make Him Feel Loved ...

I love my boyfriend. He’s caring, sexy and amazing, and he makes me feel great, too. But while it’s common knowledge how to make women feel good (be honest, flowers and chocolate are probably never going to fail...), it’s much harder working out how to make him feel loved. I’ve been reading books and quizzing the experts, and here’s my top 10 ways to make him feel loved...

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Make Him Feel Masculine

Make Him Feel Masculine Photo Credit: CanfieldDave

My boyfriend empties the bin. I could do it, but I don’t, I always ask him. Why? It’s a man's job, and he is the man. He likes feeling needed, and although he sometimes grumbles, he likes having the responsibility. It makes him feel like a man, and it makes him feel like you need him which in turn gives him an ego boost which men love. That's just something you can't change about them.


Sometimes it's the smallest gestures that speak volumes in a relationship. Appreciating his strength or his knack for fixing things can go a long way. So next time he changes a flat tire or carries the heavy groceries, give him a warm smile and a thank you that says, “You’re my hero”. Remember, acknowledging his capabilities is also about valuing his contribution to your life, reinforcing that partnership isn't just about emotional support, but also about relying on each other for the variety of challenges life throws at us.



Flirt Photo Credit: Easyguy

Give him a kiss in an elevator, flirt while making tea, or in the supermarket, show him you are still attracted to him, and make him feel special. He’ll really appreciate it, and flirting will make you feel hot, too!


Finding ways to flirt with your man need not be elaborate; it can be simple, yet significant. Whisper sweet nothings during a casual walk or send a cheeky text when he least expects it. These little gestures reignite the sparks and remind him that the romance is still alive. It's about creating private moments that only the two of you share. Gazing into each other's eyes, a light touch on the arm, or playfully stealing a bite of his dessert could send a thrill of excitement through his day. Remember, a playful wink goes a long way!



Compliments Photo Credit: ronnie44052

Compliment him on things you love about him. Tell him you love his lasagne, his ears or his gorgeous smile. Tell him that when he chases the kids he looks gorgeous. Whatever it is that you like, tell him. He’ll feel great, and you will too.


A genuine compliment can go a long way. Notice the little things he does, like how he always makes time to listen or the effort he puts into his work. Remind him of what a fantastic partner he is, and praise his strengths and achievements. Highlight his unique qualities and the things that make him stand out to you. Your acknowledgment will not only boost his confidence, but also strengthen the bond between you as he sees that you truly appreciate who he is.


Feed His Ego

Feed His Ego Photo Credit: Aaron

Grab his hand next time someone checks him out, and act a little possessive and jealous. Tell him he got checked out, and you are showing your ownership. He’ll feel so flattered and loved...


…it proves that others find him attractive, too, lending a boost to his self-esteem. Whisper sweet nothings about how lucky you feel to be with such a desirable man. An occasional adoring glance or a playful, “I can’t believe you’re all mine,” will stoke the fires of his pride. Let him bask in the knowledge that he’s the one you chose, and that choice makes him stand out in the crowd. Just remember, it's all about balance – don't overdo it or it might come off as insincere.


Appreciate Him

Appreciate Him Photo Credit: xollob58

Take something he usually does, and do it for him, just once. Does he hoover, or put the children to bed? Just take one thing, do it for him, and let him relax while you do it. Then tell him how much you appreciate him helping you, there’s a lot of men that don’t, you know! I might even wash up for my boyfriend tonight...


Finding little ways to show gratitude can make a world of difference in your relationship. It doesn't have to be grand gestures—sometimes the simplest acts of kindness are the most impactful. Whether it’s complimenting him on how well he handles certain tasks, giving him a spontaneous hug, or slipping a sweet note in his lunch bag, these tokens of appreciation remind him that his efforts are noticed and cherished. Remember, acknowledging the good in him reinforces those actions and nurtures a cycle of love and respect.

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Boast Photo Credit: finepixtrix

Did he re-do the bathroom, or take you to a nice restaurant for a romantic date? Boast about the great things he does to your friends while he can hear. He’ll be very flattered, and feel really appreciated. It’ll also encourage him to do it again, so you benefit too!


Sharing your partner's achievements and thoughtful gestures publicly not only boosts his ego but also highlights your pride in your relationship. Whisper a few of his accomplishments to peers at social events, or post a heartfelt thank you on social media for that unexpected breakfast in bed. Acknowledging his efforts in front of others underscores your admiration and reinforces his desire to continue making you feel special. Acknowledgment is like sunshine for relationships; it helps love grow.


Tell Him

Tell Him Photo Credit: olivia house

Tell him. You’d be surprised how many women forget to say those simple words to him. Tell him directly or find a creative way to let him know. Tell him he is an amazing father, a great cook, a brilliant husband. Tell him he looks hot, or that you miss him, and that you can’t wait to see him after work. It’ll mean more than you can ever imagine.


Communication is key, and sometimes the smallest gesture can make an enormous impact. Whether it's a handwritten note tucked into his lunchbox, a flirty text sent during a hectic day, or simply whispering sweet nothings as you both drift off to sleep, your words have power. Acknowledge his efforts, laugh at his jokes, and always make room for an 'I appreciate you' amidst the ebb and flow of daily life. It's these candid, heartfelt expressions that fuel the fires of romance and let him know he’s not just heard, but truly understood and cherished.


Make a Date

Make a Date Photo Credit: ♥ ♥ ♥ Spice ♥ ♥ ♥

Do you usually meet the girls on a Saturday night, or visit your parents on a Sunday? Change your plans, send the kids, dogs or chores away, and spend the day with him, doing something you both enjoy. Giving him time and attention is the best way to show that you love him!


Buy Him Something

Buy Him Something Photo Credit: brad0853

Grab his favourite chocolate bar on the way home from work, plan a little in advance and make his favourite meal, buy him his teams shirt, or just a beer. Buy him something that shows that you know him, and what he likes. It doesn’t need to be big, he’ll be flattered anyway.


Be Confident

Be Confident Photo Credit: laurenlemon

Be who you are, and have confidence in yourself. Men can’t love women they don’t respect, so be who you are, love yourself and make him respect and admire you. Ever wondered what makes Posh and Becks a power couple? Their confidence and respect for each other!

I have been using these tricks for the last few weeks, and the difference has been huge. My boyfriend has been much happier, even though he says he felt loved before, and I feel much happier too. Making him feel loved? It’s worth it, you’ll feel so much closer together, and it’s almost effortless, too. Have you got a tip for making your man feel loved? Please let me know!

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These all sound so great! I know my hubby loves it when I do any of these. Even guys like to know and feel loved and appreciated and these ideas are perfect to express my feelings! Thanks!

I thought your article was great. All the things that you've mentioned I know that I appreciate it when my own girlfriend does those for me. I especially like it when she boosts my ego because that helps me also feel masculine. What I love especially is that she'll hear about another friend's relationships and how it's not going so well...and then she'll look at me and realize how great she has it. As bad as it may sound it's good to have reminders from others of how lucky we both are to have each other.

sounds good to me!!!

I normally just STOP WHAT I AM DOING. And give him a BIG FAT KISS! He responds well to it :) I get a great smile.. One of his best Qualities.

i sent him a birthday card over the mail( we dont live together) and he was so happy. He couldnt help smiling whne i saw him that night and as soon as he got it he text me how much it meant to him and how sweet i had been :) to be honest it made me smile that he had like it so much too.

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