10 Ways to Make Him Feel Loved ...

I love my boyfriend. He’s caring, sexy and amazing, and he makes me feel great, too. But while it’s common knowledge how to make women feel good (be honest, flowers and chocolate are probably never going to fail...), it’s much harder working out how to make him feel loved. I’ve been reading books and quizzing the experts, and here’s my top 10 ways to make him feel loved...

1. Make Him Feel Masculine

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My boyfriend empties the bin. I could do it, but I don’t, I always ask him. Why? It’s a man's job, and he is the man. He likes feeling needed, and although he sometimes grumbles, he likes having the responsibility. It makes him feel like a man, and it makes him feel like you need him which in turn gives him an ego boost which men love. That's just something you can't change about them.

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