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Sex can sometimes take a back seat when there is a lot going on, and recent studies have shown that the stresses of early spring make it the least sexy time of the year. There’s something about the budding flowersand warm summer sun that always makes me feel romantic, but if it doesn’t have the same effect on your man, here are my tenways to seduce him...

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Sexy Stories

Write him a sexylove note, with you two starring as the main roles. It doesn’t have to have a typical beginning-middle-end, and it doesn’t even need to make sense. It simply needs to give him an idea of what you’d love to do, with enough detail to get his imagination going...


... Spice up the note by wearing a perfume that he adores or use paper with a scent that reminds him of a special moment you shared. Leave the note somewhere unexpected, like his wallet or under his pillow, so he finds it when you’re not around. This element of surprise will add to the anticipation, and when he reads your words, he'll be drawn into a vivid fantasy that's all about the two of you. The secrecy and private nature of a love note can create an intimate connection that's both tantalizing and personal.


Call Him at Work

Phone him while he’s working, and tell him what you’d like to do to him. Judge your time wisely, and phone him just after lunch, when he isn’t likely to mind being distracted, rather than when he has been working hard for a few hours. Or, you could send him asexy text instead...


Sexy Pictures

A really simple way to seduce him? Send him some sexy pictures. Make sure you close your curtains before you get started, and have a fully charged camera. Then, send him some snaps of you in your favourite lingerie or even naked, to his phone or his email. Only do this if you trust him with them! If you want a new way to spice things up, try taking a bigger picture, and printing it out in high quality. Then, glue your picture to a piece of cardboard, let it dry, and cut it into a few segments. Post these too him, with the most revealing last, inside a sealed envelope. He’ll love it!


Jump on Him

The next time he comes home, wait behind the door for him, and seduce him as soon as he comes in. Make sure you are looking andfeeling sexy, and your uncontrollable desire really will drive him wild. He’ll love the spontaneity, too!


Join Him in the Shower

Wait for him to shower, and give him a few minutes to relax under the hot water. Then, go and join him. Strip off inyour bedroom, and slip in next to him. The act of washing each other is amazingly bonding, and he won’t be able to resist you all soaped up..


Do the Housework

The next time you are cleaning up, do it naked! He won’t expect it, and he certainly won’t be able to resist it... just make sure you close the curtains! Not brave enough to be fully naked? Sort out some cute matching underwear, and wear it with heels. You’ll feel sexy, and he’ll find you irresistible.


Go Shopping

Take him lingerie shopping, and try on a few different styles. Make sure you give him a sneak peek of what they look like! If you aren’t brave enough to take him into the changing room with you, send him some pictures on your phone, hiding the tags if you can. Then buy his favourites, and be confident that he loves what you are wearing!


Romance Him

Prepare a romantic bath for him, with candles, essential oils, soft music and plenty of bubbles. Keep some towels warm for him when he gets out, and have massage oil ready to give him a relaxing massage. He’ll love feeling pampered!


Be Naughty

Next time you are out for a romantic meal with your partner, excuse yourself and go to the toilet. Take your underwear off, and hide it in yourhandbag. Then pass it to him discreetly when you sit back down, or text him what you’ve done... just make sure you aren’t accidently exposing yourself, and that you are in a quiet booth!


This risqué move is sure to set his heart racing with anticipation. Nothing says you're up for adventure quite like a little game of secret seduction. But remember, timing and subtlety are everything. Tease him with a coy smile or a mischievous glint in your eye to let him know it's all in the name of fun. The daring act will ignite a fiery excitement for the rest of the evening, keeping him guessing what other surprises you might have up your sleeve. Just keep it classy and private for an intimate thrill that's shared just between the two of you.


Be Yourself

Let your hormonesand emotions rule your actions. Whenever you feel like kissing him, do it. Seduce him whenever you want him, and if he isn’t around, text him exactly what you’d like to do. The best seductions are the genuine ones, so utilize them!

These tips are great for adding some drama and excitement to yoursex life, and for showing him how much you want him. Once you’ve used them a few times, you’ll find that he is much more spontaneous and sexy too! Have you got a tip for seducing a man? Please share it with me!

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What i found works really well, Whats every mans dream... to have multiple sex partners!!! Give him the illusion of more partners, change ur look use wigs, new clothes, new shoes, (mine as well spoil yourself a little too) new perfume *when your dressed up.* Important dont tell him your doing this just do it! Its fun for me and him! "i love to play dress up anyway" :) The first time i done this i wore a baby doll dress heels and a extremely long haired wig make up and new perfume. I was doing the dishes when he came home, he said hello and i didnt look up from the dishes he walked behind me and i shoke the wig a little and laughed after that point there really is no point into getting into details ;D and i found changing the way i looked increased my sex life by a little more then double. :) that makes me happy! try it

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